Sitrion Group Activity Report

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Near, far, wherever your SharePoint Sitrion users are, the heart and vibe of your social collaboration must go on. Your titanic-sized, and even humble and smaller scale Sitrion social efforts within SharePoint portals are most useful when tracked.

Sitrion reports group activity

Creating a pulse within the various Sitrion groups that can be used to share ideas, develop projects, brainstorm business development, technological innovation and resources is just what the doctor ordered to boost your social collaboration and engagement. CardioLog Analytics’ Sitrion Groups Activity Report provide the exact dimensions of your Sitrion group activity, with usage tracking indicating the name of the group, its precise number of members, posts, questions and answers, comments and likes. Quantitative data can translate into qualitative changes, increasing group member growth, and assisting with the understanding of corporate, cultural and networking needs.

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