Sitrion Group Members Report

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CardioLog Analytics’ Sitrion Group Members Report is definitely bringing the sexy back in graph chart form, with the most attractive visual presentation of each Sitrion Group members’ growth rates. The expansion of your SharePoint Sitrion groups is a great indicator of collaboration efforts, and indication of topic interests within your organization.

Sitrion Group Members Report

Identify ROI opportunities with group member growth statistics, effectively reaching out to these groups and their members to further develop revenue opportunities, and transcend above and beyond average Sitrion group member numbers. With CardioLog Analytics standardized and simple filtering features, you can measure your SharePoint Sitrion group member growth hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Present this data in your quarterly reports and understand how to distribute efforts within your internal departments, corporate culture and employee development while considering budgets and reaching your top business goals.

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