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About Milliman:

Milliman is a global firm specializing in risk management, benefits, and technology. Each day, Milliman collaborates with international clients to enhance healthcare systems, address emerging risks, and ensure advanced financial security, empowering millions to confidently enjoy the present and prepare for the future. Since 1947, Milliman has delivered intelligent health and financial security solutions based on 3 pillars: data-driven insight, deep expertise, and transformative innovation. As for its corporate structure, Milliman is a decentralized, horizontal company where 130 practices make up 4 business verticals: health, life, employee benefits, and casualties. Consequently, the goal of the Seattle head office is to provide value for all these different practices around the globe. Furthermore, developing applications and content that are appealing and broad-reaching through their Microsoft 365 platform. The head office needs to make sure they get the SharePoint usage up in each of the 4 verticals.


Based in the US with 5,000-plus employees, a global actuarial and consulting firm gets an in-depth vision of their Microsoft 365 usage across all their business units stationed on many different continents. With CardioLog Analytics’ advanced adoption and usage reports, Milliman gains a superb understanding of the gaps in their Microsoft 365 usage, as well as the ability to identify their organization’s challenges and ultimately resolve them. As such, Milliman’s stakeholders are now able to deliver personalized content over their Microsoft 365 (i.e. SharePoint) for the various organization’s verticals, groups, teams, and users. Here’s how Milliman, with the help of CardioLog Analytics, took control of their Microsoft 365 portal content to ensure platform adoption across all verticals and identify gaps in the organization’s SharePoint usage.

The Challenge:

Milliman’s SharePoint portal usage within different verticals varies significantly – “If we have 50% of people in Health using SharePoint, and only 15% of the people in Employee Benefits, then we’re missing the mark somewhere”, Milliman’s head of M365 infrastructure said.

“We had a lack of understanding of who was using the M365 platform we were supporting. We needed an in-depth understanding of the users within the company.”

The previous analytics tools Milliman used before CardioLog Analytics lacked adoption insights and couldn’t provide the advanced details they needed. According to Milliman, earlier data analytics tools were able to provide merely a limited bundle of aggregate views for visitors and their interactions within the SharePoint portal. These prior narrow analytics reports limit the ways stakeholders can track their portals/pages and impact the adoption of the employees. Among others, Milliman claims other analytics tools they were provided with, only summarized reports at site level, but lacked the option to roll it up the hierarchy and therefore missed the functionality to roll up to the tenant level. As such, it was difficult for Milliman to get any meaningful insights that would impact managers’ decisions and revolutionize employees’ adoption: “You get the numbers but, what does that actually mean and how do you make a change based on that information?”

Overall, the challenge for Milliman was to get more insights on their SharePoint usage specific to their verticals, teams, and users. Missing the ability to drill down from the summarized executive view to the actual visitors on the page, and understand each employee’s challenge, ultimately providing them with the required personalized information. Additionally, they aim to understand their user demographics, map their users’ needs, and easily identify gaps in SharePoint usage across different verticals, ultimately driving increased adoption of their Microsoft 365 environment.

The Solution:

When you want a more granular, and detailed look at your users, CardioLog Analytics’ specialized reporting comes into focus.

CardioLog Analytics delivers a standard set of reports: Visitor Bounce Rate, Browsers, Unique Visitors, Visits Audit Log, Who’s Online, and Localization, for seeing unique trends in the use of your site. This all adds a deck of advanced usage reports that drill deep to gather powerful insights regarding the portals’ visitors.

This person-centered approach to analytics will take you to a new level of richly detailed insights with comprehensive details of your actual visitors. Its advanced reports provide you with a myriad of different angles on your portal and your users’ behavior. Reports such as the Visitor Profiles report for the flexibility of segmenting your users according to any criteria, Visitor Collaboration report to measure how users are collaborating with each other within the portal, visitor Adoption, Inactive Users, and many more.

Creating insightful visitor profile reports is easier than you can imagine, they can be automatically built to deliver a comprehensive profile of each user and make your reports more engaging. Rather than just providing numbers, this special feature gives you the power to create segments that can break down reporting into items such as region, department, job title, and even age and gender, as well as behavioral history.

As a result, by creating customized dashboards with a variety of segmented visitor reports, you can tailor your SharePoint portal to better suit the needs of your users, making their experiences navigating through the portal as seamless and relevant as possible.

The Result:

The M365 infrastructure Manager at Milliman says: “CardioLog Analytics provided us with meaningful data, down to the user account and down to the views per page, which enables us to ensure that we get adoption of the Microsoft 365 platform across all of the verticals and identify the gaps in SharePoint usage specific for these verticals.”

With CardioLog Analytics’ deep dive into Data-Driven Visitor Insights, Milliman is now able to take their data and transform it into action. They get the numbers and can clearly see what these numbers actually mean and how they can make a positive change based on that information.

CardioLog allows Milliman to identify every gap in their SharePoint usage and reach out to those specific verticals to find out why they’re not using SharePoint to its highest potential or if there is more content that Milliman can be providing about SharePoint specific for their verticals.

“CardioLog Analytics gave us the detail that would allow us to put action on types of requests. By obtaining CardioLog Analytics, we can take user IDs and map to those verticals so we can see where the biggest impact is on those verticals.”

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