Best Employee Intranet Software in 2021

Most people, when they hear the word intranet, picture an old, clunky, ugly, and difficult to navigate platform. While those things still undeniably exist, the intranets listed here are new, sleek, intuitive, engaging, and easy to navigate. Here is a quick list of the best intranet software you can choose in 2021.  Intranet and Internet[…]

best intranet software for employees

Intranet Communications – Driving Staff Communication and Collaboration

Having strong internal communications is vital for any organization. Without it, your stakeholders, managers, administrators, and employees won’t be on the same page. This can result in a lot of unnecessary confusion and miscommunication. By strengthening your intranet communication, you can ease the process for the stakeholders, managers, and administrators as well as the end[…]