Slack vs Viva Engage (Yammer): Which Communications Tool is the Right Fit?

With all of the messaging apps on the market, it’s hard to know which one is best for your organization. Although they all seem similar, there are distinct differences between each of the tools, which will affect how effective they are for your employees. Depending on your company culture and what type of communication you’re[…]

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Intranet Communications – Driving Staff Communication and Collaboration

Having strong internal communications is vital for any organization. Without it, your stakeholders, managers, administrators, and employees won’t be on the same page. This can result in a lot of unnecessary confusion and miscommunication. By strengthening your intranet communication, you can ease the process for the stakeholders, managers, and administrators as well as the end[…]

Enhancing Viva Engage (Yammer)’s Benefits through Advanced Analytics

Microsoft’s social networking service Viva Engage (Yammer) is used for private communication within organizations. While SharePoint provides information and content, Viva Engage (Yammer) provides a place for discussion and interaction between users. It allows employees at all levels to know what’s happening day to day, communicate and collaborate quickly with colleagues, and use one another’s[…]

How to Drive User Adoption to Increase SharePoint Productivity

A successful SharePoint portal hinges on a well-executed end-user adoption strategy. By assessing end-user adoption metrics, organizations can gauge the overall health and performance of their portal and the depth of engagement of their end-users. Elevated adoption rates signify a vibrant portal, offering tangible value and delivering a substantial return on investment. Although many organizations[…]

7 Benefits of Using CardioLog’s Advanced Features for Business Users

Your organization has taken its SharePoint Analytics and Reporting initiatives by the reigns. You may have  assigned a steering team to create an organized plan for how to tackle challenges in the SharePoint portal, as well as use SharePoint Analytics to solve these issues and improve the portal. As a business user, you’ve become familiar[…]

10 Essential Reports for Tracking Viva Engage (Yammer) Adoption

Viva Engage (Yammer)’s unique social features are gaining a lot of attention lately and with good reason. The solution’s ability to bring social collaboration together and integrate with SharePoint is proving to be a success for enterprise social initiatives. It’s important to remember, that just like SharePoint, Viva Engage (Yammer) is also an investment that[…]

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Talking Social Analytics: 1 on 1 with Bill Ryan, SharePoint Evangelist

This past week, we hosted a webinar with a special guest, Bill Ryan, SharePoint evangelist. He explored the issues companies face and the options available to manage the usage and adoption metrics between SharePoint (on-prem and online) environments and the Viva Engage (Yammer) platform. Community managers, IT managers, and business leaders need metrics to show who is[…]