3 Benefits of Using Office 365 for Enterprises

There’s been a not-so-subtle buzz since Microsoft Ignite, hinting that Office 365 and it’s SharePoint Online feature are the next big thing.

As of 2015, the number of enterprise organizations situating themselves on the cloud is growing every day. In today’s world where enterprises are always hustling and bustling, accessibility, mobility, and ease of use and point of entry to corporate intranet portals is extremely important to so many SharePoint portal users.

So what are 3 benefits for implementing Office 365/SharePoint Online for large enterprises?

  1. Hybrid Deployments– “Hybrid”. We’re hearing this everywhere these days. Many large organizations are choosing to use a hybrid environment. Simply stated, this means that some sensitive information may remain on-premises, while other, everyday collaboration information is being managed in the cloud. This ensures that both the organization’s security and end user experiences are both benefiting from the SharePoint structure.
  2. Cost Control– A main concern for large enterprises is cutting costs, and monitoring where costs should be delegated to. The license-based SharePoint Online allows enterprises to manage these costs.
  3. Additional Mobility– The great part about SharePoint online is that organizations can extend additional mobility to their users without compromising security. So how is this done? Enterprises have the option to keep their information management behind their VPN( virtual private network). This means that content can only be accessed by their own network users, while providing mobility and flexibility for all users. Users can easily access SharePoint on the go, wherever it makes sense for them. And the best part is that IT management won’t need to create additional infrastructure for authentication


With all of these little bees buzzing around the SharePoint network, many organizations are catching on and opting for Office 365 based solutions. CardioLog Analytics is fully integrated with Office 365 SharePoint Online, collecting and analyzing the reports that mean the most for organizations leveraging these solutions.

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