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Why & How To Boost Office 365 Adoption

Office 365 is a popular cloud-based productivity suite that includes a range of applications and services for businesses, such as Exchange Online for email, OneDrive for Business for file storage and sharing, SharePoint for collaboration and document management, and Microsoft Teams for communication and teamwork. The adoption of Office 365 is widespread, with millions of[…]

Why & How To Boost Office 365 Adoption: Tracking Consumption in different Microsoft Office 365 platforms

Collaboration a must for increasing productivity

These days a highly collaborative work environment is much more likely to increase productivity and improve an organization’s ROI because employee engagement is encouraged by doing so and that cultivates shared goals. However, to collaborate more effectively, organizations have had to undergo an evolution in how they communicate. With climbing customer expectations and increasingly distributed[…]

A 10 Minute Guide to Intranet Analytics and Reporting

A company’s intranet portal is directly correlated with revenue in today’s digital marketplace, making companies bend over backward to understand analytics and optimize their portals. Intranet reporting was once the poor cousin of website analytics, but today it is a critical element of any large organization’s digital workplace strategy that you need to understand. This[…]

SharePoint AI: Using Augmented Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

Businesses rely on data to make crucial business and management decisions. These decisions become a pillar of success for organizations as they strive to control costs, increase revenue, and improve customer experience. Discover how you can maximize the use of SharePoint AI and data-driven analytics to make better business decisions. Introduction to AI Analytics Collecting[…]

Employee Experience Tool: How it Makes a Difference

Even since before the pandemic, there has been a rising trend in the industry about the need to make work easier for employees. This is fueled by the so-called Great Resignation that has shown that even a pay rise is not enough to keep employees happy enough to stay in their jobs. According to recent[…]

Voice of the Employee: What It Means for Your Business

Do your employees have a voice within your organization? According to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the voice of the employee is one of the most important workplace trends in its annual list for 2020. So, what does it mean to capture the employees’ voice, and how does that translate into engagement[…]

Microsoft Stream – What You Need to Know

Microsoft Stream is a business-focused video platform that makes it possible to store, share, and collaborate. If you are looking for the best tools to facilitate team collaboration and communication, make sure you consider this tool and discover how to use it.  Introduction to Microsoft Stream Microsoft Stream is a video service that is designed[…]