Ease the SharePoint Training Process with Gamification

Getting hired is exciting, but that excitement can start to fade once the often mundane training begins. Usually, training tasks feel boring and unhelpful as they tend to consist of reading information and watching videos and don’t always include a chance to apply the skills in a hands-on way. Adding in gamification will reinforce your onboarding process. Incorporating gamification in the training process is a simple way to motivate employees to complete their onboarding. It will also help users to enjoy training more, which is another strong factor in their information retention. By adding gamification to SharePoint onboarding, your employees will enjoy the process more and learn faster and more efficiently.


The essential purpose of gamification is to incorporate fun and game-like elements into work. This turns mundane tasks like onboarding into an engaging and interactive experience that interests users while also making them more likely to retain the information they learn. Incorporating gamification features like points and badges increases the game-like feeling and enhances the learning experience. Keeping these game elements as rewards is important because you don’t want gameplay to replace training; its goal is to enhance it.


Another benefit of gamification is that it sparks users’ interest and motivates them to make repeat visits to the SharePoint portal. By directly showing end users their scores, users know how they rank against themselves from the previous month. This intrinsically motivates employees to try harder to beat their previous scores by completing certain actions on the portal. During first-time and on-the-job training, this intrinsic motivation will inspire users to focus on the material and complete all of their tasks to earn the highest score possible.

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Ease the SharePoint Training Process with Gamification

Rewards and Recognition (sometimes in real life too!)

Earning points and badges for completing Office 365 onboarding tasks is an easy incentive provided by gamification. Each time they finish a new task, users will be instantly rewarded with a higher score. These points also allow companies to show employees that they recognize their efforts. This recognition can be boosted with real-life rewards that mirror their virtual scores. For example, earning 100 points could result in a free lunch. By providing users with real-world rewards, new employees will quickly feel valued and appreciated.

Real-time Feedback

One of the most helpful features of gamification is that it provides users with instant feedback. They can easily see how far along they are in the training process. This encourages users because they are instantly rewarded for their hard work, making them want to continue learning. It also means they are more engaged in the Office 365 onboarding and will have better retention of the information. Additionally, gamification provides users with clear goals as the onboarding process is outlined for them. There’s no confusion on what tasks users need to accomplish as they can see their badges for tasks they’ve previously completed and badges they have yet to earn.

Friendly Competition

Most gamification systems allow end users to see their own scores as well as their peers. Seeing how their scores have increased or decreased over the past month gives users a clear idea of how they can improve. Being able to view their own scores inspires users to consistently work hard to increase their total scores. Additionally, seeing how they rank against their colleagues encourages users to put more effort into their training to improve their ranking and beat their peers. It also gives new employees a way to feel connected to the company as they can congratulate their colleagues on their achievements.

Return on Investment

Investing money in a gamification system can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, once you implement it, you will see a return on your investment over time. By engaging your employees during the onboarding process, they’ll have higher retention and recall. This means that you won’t need to spend money on retraining later. This will also result in your employees being profitable sooner as they will learn their job tasks faster and more efficiently.

Gamification is a strong option if you want to improve your company’s Office 365 onboarding process. For teaching employees how to use the company’s internal portal, GAMIFY is a great option. It rewards end users with points and badges and shows them how they compare to their peers to inspire friendly competition. Visit CardioLog Analytics to learn more.

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