Motivation Tools for Employees: Gamification and Engagement Ideas

Unhappy and dissatisfied employees can wreak havoc on a company’s productivity level. On the other hand, motivated employees go out of their way to deliver the best performance and exceed the employer’s expectations of them. Organizations must strive to boost employee motivation as it will benefit them in the end. Discover the best motivation tools for employees that you can implement to get the best results.

Gamification for Motivation: Exactly How?

Gamification and Engagement Ideas to motivate employees

The idea of play is used in the classroom setting, especially among toddlers and preschool ages. The integration of play adds to the fun of the experience and makes the children more engaged in the learning process. This same approach works not just in children, but in adults too. 

In fact, organizations from all over the world employ a variety of gamification techniques and strategies to keep employees motivated. This is not a new trend, but organizations are only catching up to it now, mainly after realizing the many benefits that they can offer. But exactly how does gamification boost motivation?

Human beings are naturally social. And for this reason, humans seek validation and recognition. When an employee is recognized for their contributions, they are motivated to perform even better. Depending on the type of rewards and recognition given, employees can obtain the validation they seek. This is why organizations employ gamification to provide a platform for them to showcase their best performance and give them a sense of control over how they do and what rewards they can get in return. 

You can tap into this aspect of human nature to increase employee motivation and promote healthy competition in the workplace. 

Best Gamification and Motivation Tools for Employees

To make gamification work for you, it is important to know your goals and to find the best motivational tools for employees. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options today, so make sure you leverage the features available in your chosen tools. 

To get you started, here are some of the best tools you can incorporate into your employee gamification and motivation strategies.

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1. Gamify by CardioLog 

SharePoint is one of the tools that organizations rely on for several business functions, communication, and collaboration. They have recently introduced a new tool to motivate employees by tapping into the power of gaming. CardioLog has introduced the Gamify tool, which revolutionizes how organizations and employees can make use of SharePoint and the Office 365 suite.

Gamify was first introduced in 2019 and has since been one of the most reliable motivation tools for employees on the market. It holds to the principles of Reward, Recognition, and Revolutionizing. These are the three core aspects of this gamification tool that have helped employees become motivated and engaged.

There are several features to Gamify, and it starts with Smart Personas. This feature enables users to assign an identity based on their real-time usage. Each persona can access other features such as End-User Scoring, Milestones, User & Team Leaderboards, and Peer-to-Peer Metrics. Each user can also get actionable insights within the tool to allow them to level up their performance. 

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Gamify by CardioLog is easy to use, which is another important point to make about gamification tools. It is designed to motivate, not frustrate employees. Gamify is integrated with a sophisticated analytics engine that analyzes user behavior from within the platform. The dashboard also clearly displays the progress of each user and the achievements they have accomplished. This is a highly motivating tool that encourages employees to continue with the progress they have made so far.

With consistently targeted metrics, it can appeal to the employees in such a way that the workplace becomes more fun and competitive – in a good way. In the end of it, the users and the organization can benefit from the increased productivity. 

It’s clear to see that gamification, with the help of Gamify by CardioLog, changes the employee psyche when it comes to completing certain tasks. It is no longer a responsibility but rather a conquest that many will excitedly tackle. And when employees are happy, not only are they more productive, but they perform better.

2. Spinify

This is another gamification software that can be used as a motivational tool for employees. This software is targeted more towards the sales team. 

The way this software works is that users can set up team-based goals and keep track of their real-time progress. It enables the team to stay motivated as they see in real-time how far from or close they are to meeting their goals. 

There are also several fun games and competitions that users can engage in to boost the sales performance of individual team members. Every individual or team achievement is celebrated through personalized videos. 

The best part about this gamification tool is that it can be connected globally, making it a great solution for organizations with remote teams or locations. Additional features include personal announcements and personalized birthday messages for team members.

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3. Hoopla

Adding to the list of motivation tools for employees is Hoopla. This is an automated and real-time tool that is designed to motivate employees and teams. 

This is a highly interactive tool that includes a variety of fun and exciting features such as leaderboards, progress bars, and personal dashboards featuring your milestones and achievements. It can also be integrated with Salesforce; therefore, it is an ideal choice for motivating sales teams.

Aside from the gamification features, Hoopla is a fully functional sales tool that delivers real-time data and insights regarding customer service, support, marketing, and sales. When an employee reaches a certain milestone, an alert is triggered and real-time celebrations are announced to the whole team.

4. TINYPulse

This is software designed for employee motivation. It is unique from all the other tools on this list because it enables team leaders to identify problems within the workplace that need resolution. 

Furthermore, TINYPulse is equipped with a real-time feedback tool that makes it easier to identify problems as they arise. It also has a built-in technology that enables users to set goals, give feedback, and do weekly check-ins. 

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of gamification in motivating employees, the next task is to choose the right tool that will get you results. By matching your needs with the chosen tool, you can get the most out of the motivation tools for employees as you can meet organizational goals and needs while keeping employees motivated and fulfilled. 

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