Ready, set, goat?!: The Signal vs. The Noise in SharePoint and Office 365 Analytics

In today’s world companies are investing large amounts of resources and budgets in data collection software. With the mounds of collected data, it is hard not to think of how amazing it is for technology to have come this far and for companies to be able to quanitify their business practices to such precise detail. It is also hard to not to wonder what in the world to do with all of this data!  Managing an intranet portal is key to increasing productivity, engaging employees, saving on resources, distributing relevant information and more. The investment of SharePoint analytics is usually the first step in reaching these goals; however with all of the measurements that analytic software takes into account, the differentiation between the noise and the signal becomes a difficult process.

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It is possible to feel as if standing at the starting line in a race; with all the noise in the background it can be hard to detect whether or not you are being signaled to start the race or if you have confused a surrounding sound with the word “go!” One false move can be a waste of energy and time, and who knows you may even get disqualified. With SharePoint analytics, you receive a heap of measurements and you’re not sure which ones are appropriately actionable and which ones are just noise.

This is where Cardiolog Analytics enters the picture. Cardiolog Analytics is is tailored to connect seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Social Platforms. SMB and enterprise-level organizations leverage CardioLog Analytics to improve their intranet portals and websites. The solution delivers profound insights into the performance of portal, web and social platform initiatives. This is done through testing, tracking and targeting; ultimately enabling organizations to optimize their portal’s impact and maximize their return on investment. By delving into the data and  reading between the numbers, Cardiolog analytics helps identify the actionable measures that are crucial to a company’s specific needs. Cardiolog Analytics provides easy-to-understand reports which save you time by cancelling out the noise; helping you differentiate the difference between goat and go!