Best Employee Intranet Software

Most people, when they hear the word intranet, picture an old, clunky, ugly, and difficult-to-navigate platform. While those things still undeniably exist, the intranets listed here are new, sleek, intuitive, engaging, and easy to navigate. Here is a quick list of the best intranet software you can choose. Intranet and Internet First off, what is[…]

best intranet software for employees

How to Drive User Adoption to Increase SharePoint Productivity

A successful SharePoint portal hinges on a well-executed end-user adoption strategy. By assessing end-user adoption metrics, organizations can gauge the overall health and performance of their portal and the depth of engagement of their end-users. Elevated adoption rates signify a vibrant portal, offering tangible value and delivering a substantial return on investment. Although many organizations[…]

Introduction to Intranet Analytics: New eBook available

An Introduction to Intranet Analytics Ebook is now available for viewing. Start your SharePoint analytics journey with this simple and easy to consume Ebook. If your organization is leveraging analytics for your SharePoint portal, you may be asking yourself: How can I increase portal productivity? What ways can I better engage with portal users? What[…]

Visualize and Explore your SharePoint Analytics Data with Power BI

If your organization is employing a SharePoint platform, analyzing and tracking activity is critical. Knowing where your visitors are coming from, what days they’re coming most frequently, and how long they’re staying are just a few of the most important insights you can use to help improve your portal and inform your decision making. If you’re[…]

Get your SharePoint Portal in Shape for 2024

As 2024 begins, we are all looking ahead to make the best of this upcoming year. As we all set our New Year’s resolutions to get into shape for 2024, why not apply the same notion to your SharePoint portal? Get your SharePoint portal into the best shape possible by focusing on these 5 basic[…]