Microsoft Teams Features to Use in 2024

Microsoft Teams features

Microsoft Teams is a productivity and collaboration hub that offers a rich array of features that you can take advantage of. If you are new to using Teams in 2024, then you will be surprised at how much you can do with it and how many ways there are to make the most of this productivity tool. In this guide, you will learn in detail about the top Microsoft Teams features that let you maximize its capabilities.

Top 15 Microsoft Teams Features 

There is a seemingly endless array of Teams features that you can benefit from. So, to make it more digestible, and for those who are new to using Teams, this list of the top 15 features will help you get started on maximizing this productivity and collaboration tool.

1. Office 365 Full Integration

Teams is part of the Office 365 suite, which means that it makes it easy to integrate with other tools within the suite. It makes it easy to create, share, download, and save other files from PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Word, and more. 

2. Less Email Clutter

One of the best Microsoft Teams features is the ability to reduce clutter in your email with the help of Teams chat. You can send one conversation thread to all members of a project, allowing everyone to see it from one source. This greatly reduces the need to send multiple emails to various individuals dealing with a single project.

3. Conversation Channels

Speaking of conversations with team members, Teams also enables you to create conversational channels dedicated to specific topics. This makes it easier to resolve issues and collaborate seamlessly. At the same time, it makes it easier to find the specific conversation that you are looking for.

valuable features of Teams

4. External Collaboration

One of the downsides and limitations of other productivity tools is that they are only linked with tools within the same suite. But with Microsoft Teams, you can integrate it with Slack and Webex. If you have team members who don’t have access to Teams, you can still communicate and collaborate with them in the same hub.

5. Tabs

The tabs feature is one of the most valuable features of Teams. There are two tabs available: Static and Configurable. Static tabs are for individual users who want to find essential notes and tools. Configurable tabs are integrated into the Teams channel to provide easy access to documents and other information for all team members.

6. Accessibility

While not technically a feature, it is nifty to have. Microsoft Teams is available via mobile app format on various devices such as iOS and Android. It is known for its web interface on Windows, but the mobile app version enables you to respond to teammates and engage in chats or video meetings while on the go.

7. Security Compliance

When you are dealing with confidential company information and data, you want to make sure you use a secure tool only. Microsoft Teams provides users with the assurance that all services within the Office 365 suite meet security compliance standards and that all data shared internally or externally are encrypted. 

8. Activity Filtering

The chat and messaging feature is an integral part of the Microsoft Teams hub, but it can be distracting when you find yourself constantly checking for real-time updates. With the activity filtering option, you will only get notified with the corresponding @ mentions relating to a project. This will help you prioritize your to-do list over irrelevant conversations. 

9. Standard and Private Channels

Standard channels are those that are accessible to all members of a given team or project. On the other hand, private channels are those that are available only to a smaller and more specific audience. For the latter, you must be invited to the channel to be able to view it.

10. Bookmarking

This feature enables you to organize and make it easy to find relevant content such as attachments, chats, and other files for future use. It is an essential tool given the amount of information that is exchanged within Teams among team members on any given day.

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11. Slash Commands

This is one of the most intuitive Microsoft Teams features available and helps get work done fast. You can use a slash command to update your availability status on chat, or to access the most recent files shared within Teams. You can also use it to initiate a call with another team member or to view your saved messages.

12. Recording Storage

There are times when you need to refer to points shared during a meeting, but you forgot to take notes on them. The recording storage feature in Microsoft Teams can address that as it can record group calls and meetings for you to access later.

top Microsoft Teams features in 2022

13. Personalized View

You have the option to personalize your grid view to include only the essential tools within your Microsoft Teams dashboard. You can enhance the capabilities of this tool by changing the view according to what you are most comfortable or familiar with. One example is switching to a “dark mode” when viewing the dashboard from your mobile app.

14. Whiteboards for Meetings

You can now use Whiteboards during meetings on Microsoft Teams. Using the whiteboard feature, team members can sketch, brainstorm, and share ideas as if you were in the same room. You can use it to draw graphs, demonstrate your ideas visually, and so on.

15. Virtual Backgrounds

Make your virtual meetings more creative and engaging with the virtual backgrounds available on Microsoft Teams. Aside from the option of blurring your background for added privacy, you can also replace your background with a variety of background images of your choice. You can upload your own image or choose from preloaded images from a premium pack. 

There you have it, some of the top Microsoft Teams features to explore this 2024 that will increase collaboration with other members of your team. 

Which of these features do you need to improve productivity and collaboration among your team?

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