Portal technology is becoming a key component in IT business solutions. The portal interface is destined to become the business user’s new desktop. Not only does a portal provide a single and secure Web interface to the business content users need to do their jobs, it also connects other IT applications in the enterprise to form an integrated business solution. This solution can be used to run, monitor and optimize business operations with the objective of reducing costs and improving the business bottom line.

The portal technology is being integrated with other evolving information technologies, such as Intlock’s CardioLog business solution for usage reports. The CardioLog analysis and reporting solution enables portals to provide the incremental cost savings identified as Hard ROI and Soft ROI, but also to have a major positive impact on business revenues, costs and profits. For example, companies that are using Intlock’s CardioLog Analytics solution to measure and monitor newcomers’ process, or alternatively to understand how sales messages are being spread around their target audience – sales representatives. These types of business challenges most often result in lack of organizational efficiency and productivity.

By using Intlock’s CardioLog solution an organization can easily expand the benefits obtained from a corporate portal, by providing state of the art usage reports, which include:

  • Data aggregation according to portal hierarchy
  • Tracking portal-specific user activities
  • Tight integration with the organization’s Active Directory
  • Displaying reports and recommendations through SharePoint web parts or other environments
  • Built-in integration with other enterprise applications (e.g., CRM, ERP) and .NET applications
  • A single analytics solution for both internet and intranet environments
  • Independent JavaScript tracking agent

The advantages from the CardioLog usage reports solution can be broken down into so-called Hard and Soft ROI.


Hard ROI can be expressed in financial terms based on estimated or measured dollar savings obtained from the portal projects and processes. Hard ROI is generated primarily by using a portal to reduce costs and increase revenues, such as:

  • More efficient use of staff by exploiting CardioLog to monitor the portal’s self-services, such as: human resources (employee benefits, vacation time, loans, procurement), expense processing, help desk, product information and support, order tracking, interactive training, etc. Self-service applications have a direct positive impact on corporate costs, for example, lowering staffing requirements and the cost-per-call in support organizations or reducing the staffing and time required to introduce new products and services.
  • Lower computing costs by enhancing the use of an enterprise-wide framework for storing, sharing and accessing business content. The CardioLog usage reports solution may help to reduce local storage requirements, the need for e-mail attachments, and the need for physical media production and printing (e.g., sales and marketing materials, etc.).
  • Reduced travel expenses by utilizing the CardioLog reports to enforce better online training usage and interactive collaboration services that improve communication throughout the organization and reduce the need for physical travel.


Soft ROI that is achieved by the CardioLog usage reports solution is largely through increased user productivity and satisfaction. Increased productivity is obtained by providing a clear report view on the portal usage and efficiency that can be translated to achieve several significant objectives:

  • Building a more customer-centric organization.
  • Creating a paperless business.
  • Assisting users to find the content they require more efficiently.
  • Minimizing the so-called deserted portal’s areas (places where no man visits).
  • Allocate the right media placement according to the company’s objectives.
  • Leveraging users visits to expose other media content (i.e., key messages, campaigns, etc.).

The CardioLog usage reports may also improve productivity via the enhancement of the collaborative capabilities that improve user communication and task management. Many of the Soft ROI objectives outlined enable more efficient use for staff as well as reduce headcount. It also improves employee, customer, and trading partner productivity, and satisfaction. Furthermore, the CardioLog usage reports unique insights ensure that a portal’s success can be quantified and adjusted to the corporate goals.