CardioLog Analytics VS. SharePoint Reports

The Only On Premise SharePoint Analytics Solution for Enterprises

Want more details? Click here to see how CardioLog stands out from SharePoint Analytics. The following table displays the benefits of using CardioLog Analytics over SharePoint’s web analytics reports

ReportingSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Reporting period5 years25 months5 yearsUnlimited5 years
Report accessManagedManagedManagedManagedManaged
Report grid rowsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Audit reports
Custom dashboards
Filter by content type
Report Drilldown
Period comparison
Workflow reports
Reporting for deleted sites
Reporting for orphaned pages
Data aggregation – farm
Data aggregation – web application
Data aggregation – site collection/ site
Data aggregation – lists/document libraries
Data aggregation – documents and list items
Custom Aggregation of usage data
Data ExportSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Export to Excel
Export to Web Part2 web parts
Export to PDF
Data Export API
Scheduling and Email distribution
Data CollectionSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Real time reporting
Tracking link/button clicks
Tracking non-SharePoint pages
IIS log import
Data collection filters
SharePoint logs import (Logging DB)
Visit tracking (browser sessions)
Goal tracking
Campaign tracking
Tracking OneDrive documents accessed from SharePoint
Visitor SegmentationSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Visitor Segmentation by AD attributes
Visitor Segmentation by SharePoint user profiles
Custom Visitor Segmentation
SDKSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Custom reports
Extended tracking (data collection API)
Marketing ToolsSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Campaign tracking
A/B and multivariate testing
Behavioral targeting
Visitor segments
Shorten Links
Website Goals
OtherSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Satisfaction surveys
Best Bets Suggestions
Who is online
PII concealment
Page ViewsSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Average Page Views Duration
Average Page Views by Day of the Week
Inactive Sites
Page Views by Page Type
Page Views by URL
Page Views
Peak Hours
Recently Viewed
Top Web Parts
Views Audit Log
VisitorsSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Active User Categories
Anonymous vs. Authenticated Users
Average Number of Visitors
Average Page Views per Visit
Average Visit Duration (time on site)
Average Visits per Visitor
Bounce Rate
Depth of Visit
Inactive Users
Active vs Total Users
Visitor Activity
Visitor Profile
Length of Visit
Map Overlay
New Visitors
New vs. Returning Visitors
Returning Visitors
Unique Visitors By URL
Unique Visitors
User Groups
Visits Audit Log
Who is Online
NavigationSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Average Time to Page
Entrance Paths
Exit Pages
External Destinations
Internal Traffic Sources
Landing Pages
Navigation Summary
Next Pages
Previous Pages
Average Internal Searches per Visit
Failed Search Phrases
Internal Search Destination Pages
Internal Search – Failed vs. Successful
Internal Searches
Internal Search Origin Pages
Internal Search Phrases
Internal Unique Searches
Visits with Internal Search
Best Bets Usage
Query Rules
No Result Queries
Failed Internal Searches
Content Contributors
Content Modification Audit
Content Modifications
Content Modifiers
Content SizeSite collections only
Document Types
Portal Actions
Portal Growth Trend
Portal Inventory
Unmodified Documents
Unmodified Lists
Unmodified Sites
Site Product Versions
Site Languages
Traffic SourcesSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Search Phrases
Referring Pages
Seach Engines
Referring Sites
Traffic Sources
GoalsSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
AB Test Goal Conversion
Internal Search Destination Pages
Conversion Rate
Converted Users
Goal Funnel
Goal Summary
Goal Value
Multi Variate Test Goal Conversion
Total Conversions
SEOSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Average Page Load Time
Content Not Found
Duplicate Descriptions
Duplicate Titles
Status Codes
Pages with Broken Links
Slow Pages
Changed Pages (Period Comparison)
Duplicate Content
External Links
Fixed Violations in Existing Pages (Period Comparison)
Large Content
Link Depth
Most Linked Pages
New Pages (Period Comparison)
New Violations in Existing Pages (Period Comparison)
Pages with Less Links (Period Comparison)
Pages that Became Faster (Period Comparison)
Pages that Became Larger (Period Comparison)
Pages that Became Slower (Period Comparison)
Pages that Became Smaller (Period Comparison)
Pages with More Links (Period Comparison)
Pages with a Different Status Code (Period Comparison)
Pages with More Links
Removed Pages (Period Comparison)
Violations in New Pages (Period Comparison)
SurveysSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2013SharePoint Online
Survey Responses