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CardioLog Analytics for SharePoint Portals End Users

Over the course of a year, our customers were able to*...

Improve Portal ROI

Engaged with over 3M enterprise users
Increased portal productivity by 157%
Collected 30M insights from portal users
Drove collaboration and improved portal ROI by 130%

Identify User Challenges

Facilitated 705 innovative survey discussions
Empowered and improved user innovation by 210%
Drove 508 real-world changes to business processes
Expanded individual end-user influence by 330%

Enhance Portal Usability

Identified 6,290 videos viewed for 20 seconds or less
Identified and replaced 2,956 ineffective videos
Identified 12,300 unviewed announcements or updates
Informed 489 site owners how to highlight content to increase visibility

Increase Corporate Productivity

Identified 820,000 failed search queries
Saved 520,000 minutes of employee time by refining failed searches
Identified 13,823 users accessing the portal less than 5 times per week
Identified 3,890 employees in need of training

Engage With Portal Users and Collect Feedback

Identified 33,320 end-user product challenges
Resolved over 31,030
of these end-user difficulties
Revealed 11,110 managerial hurdles
Overcame1,080 managerial issues
*The information herein was gathered through customer surveys.

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