Sharepoint Analytics Adventureland Infographic

Congrats on the launch of your Advanced Analytics Solution!

Start creating reports to understand your portal activity and usage

Page Views Reports hitting your KPIs?

Move forward 2 spaces.

Unique users report showing an upward trend over time?

Move forward two spaces

Unique user count stagnant?

Reassess your strategy and offer training to users with low adoption rates.

Enact a survey for your portal users.

Move up 2 spots once you can identify and resolve end-user challenges.

Before advancing, understand the status of unused content in your portal. If content is not being used, take action!

Delete it or archive it before moving up 2 spaces

Remind your users of important items in the portal.

Activate a message bar and then move up 2 spaces.

Who's a top influencer in your portal?

Identify your top 10 Influential Users and elect them as SharePoint leaders for their department, then move forward two spaces.

Monitor productivity levels in your desired date range with an Average Number of Contributions per User Report.

Reward those with the highest contributions per date range and move forward 2 spaces.

What's getting likes in your portal? Can't answer it? Move back two spaces.

Once you know your content with the top likes, leverage that content by creating a button on the homepage and move forwards two spaces.

Make your portal more easily navigable! Identify onsite search phrases with search reports.

Make popular content easier to find for users by pinning it to the homepage. Then move forward 2 spaces.

Are your communities having active discussions? Find out with Communities Activity reports.

Are they measuring up to the KPIs you set forth? Move on to the castle and collect your crown!

Your portal is destined for royalty.