SharePoint & Microsoft Office 365 Voice Of Customer Surveys

If you would like to engage your portal users, collect their feedback and identify the challenges they face within your organization, then why not cut to the chase and communicate with them directly?

In the modern online world, people are more than ready to speak their minds and seek help, and CardioLog Analytics’ intranet Voice of Customer surveys provide an efficient, inexpensive way of tapping into this incredibly useful source of data.

You can open two way communication with your portal users, getting your hands on insightful feedback from them and increasing your portal’s usability, and at the same time, you’ll make your users feel valued and that their opinion counts.

  • Engage your audience and collect user feedback
  • Easily design and implement useful surveys
  • Discover what your portal users think
  • Get feedback in real time
  • Identify the challenges your users face
  • Make your audience feel valued
  • Expand your community and individual ownership

CardioLog Analytics Voice of Customer surveys leverages SharePoint Active Directory and SharePoint Profiles attributes in order to create a specific message or survey for a certain visitor segment of your portal. CardioLog Analytics offers two ways of gaining this user engagement and useful data:

  1. 1.Through segmented website-satisfaction polls and page-based comments, which provide you with a wealth of opportunities to find out what’s on the minds of your portal users, what their challenges are, and how you can expand your community and individual ownership.
  2. 2.Via segmented informative messages about a specific topic, request or opinion. These messages can also be easily personalized with the user’s details and personal information, and contain private information.

CardioLog Analytics’ dynamic intranet surveys put vital information at your fingertips, enabling you to engage your portal users and collect user feedback with key, everyday questions like “What is the purpose of your visit to the portal today?” and “Did you find what you were looking for?” You can also identify existing challenges with questions like “How can we help you to excel in your work?” and “What are you missing to achieve your individual goals?” Such feedback helps you finding portal solutions in a way that no other tool can, empowering you to take innovative action and expand individual ownership.

Intranet Voice of Customer surveys are an efficient way of increasing your users’ active participation, helping you to gain a useful, actionable insight into your portal. Voice of Customer surveys are also an invaluable mechanism for demonstrating that you are listening to your portal users, boosting their satisfaction, personal involvement and loyalty to your company. They also provide a unique opportunity to really get to know your portal users.

Real-time Engagement

With CardioLog Analytics’ intranet Voice of Customer surveys you can interact with your users in real time and, if necessary, use this data to take immediate action. Our Voice of Customer tool enables you to intervene at crucial moments – for example, presenting a nonintrusive poll in response to numerous search refinements, giving you that essential feedback. You can then use this feedback to implement informed changes to your portal that reflect the feedback collated through your surveys.

In addition, surveys can be presented in subtle, non-intrusive ways, helping to make sure that users do not feel inundated.

Flexible Survey Customization

The Voice of Customer survey is flexible and completely customizable to fit your portal’s individual needs. When designing the survey, you can choose between questions that call for a single answer, multiple answers or a text-based answer that the visitor writes in. You can also choose to implement a combination of these, for example if a user selects an answer that says they are not satisfied, they can then be prompted with a text field asking them to elaborate on their problem.

Dynamic Survey Responses

The survey can also be customized to respond to single-answer question results with a unique message that gives the Voice of Customer survey a dynamic feel, providing the effect of responding to their concerns in real time. For instance, if a user chooses the answer “I am satisfied with the product,” then you can program the survey to respond with a message of encouragement, such as “We are happy to be of help.” Similarly, at the close of the survey, you can choose to display a “Thank You” message, or you can direct them to a follow-up survey, another area of your website, or a custom link.

Style, Positioning and Conditions

The appearance of your survey can be easily customized through the survey editor, including changes to the color scheme, buttons, and graphics. You also have extensive control over where your survey appears on the page, and what conditions prompt its arrival. Some examples include the ability to bring up your survey after the user has spent a certain amount of time on your page, or as they move their mouse to leave the page. If your survey is designed to investigate ease-of-use, you may want your survey to appear only after the user has visited the site several times. All of this is possible in our Voice of Customer editor with just a few clicks of the button.

Branding and Segmentation

It’s possible to use one of CardioLog Analytics’ prebuilt survey designs or to customize your intranet surveys with your own company branding. You can also target intranet surveys to a specific segment of your portal users, helping you gain a more valuable response that can give you a sophisticated and actionable insight into your portal.

This is particularly helpful if you are trying to create custom surveys to different kinds of intranet users, such as employees from different departments of your company. Because a sales team might need a different survey than the R&D team, the targeted segmentation of surveys is critical for ensuring relevant feedback.

Comprehensive Analytics

Through our advanced analytics, you can track the results of your surveys with ease, allowing you to implement fast and effective response strategies and create critical changes to your site based on the survey results.

View the results for all of the surveys, or narrow your focus to the results for surveys on individual pages. You can then track how many users completed the full survey, or identify problem questions that cause users to drop out of the survey before its completion. It’s even possible to show these results to your users through dynamically generated graphs that can be included at the end of the survey.

Ease of Use

Our user-friendly intranet Voice of Customer surveys require no programming or IT efforts and can be easily and quickly designed and implemented. CardioLog Analytics’ advanced web analytics tracking code means there is no need to edit any SharePoint template or code. The tracking code is capable of displaying surveys in various formats and according to multiple rules.

Key Features

  • Satisfaction polls
  • Page-based comments
  • Real-time feedback
  • Personalization capabilities
  • Customizable surveys
  • Segmentation capabilities
  • No programming effort