3 Ways SharePoint Analytics Improve Portal Engagement for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Organizations

How can Pharmaceutical and Life Science organizations uncover the full potential of SharePoint? Many organizations are asking themselves how they can transform their portal into a hub for employee engagement, collaboration, and inspiration.

The answer lies in one simple solution: Advanced Analytics

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Here are the top 3 ways SharePoint analytics can assist organizations in closing the loop in SharePoint and Office 365:

  • Greater portal efficiency -Many organizations are constantly pressured to submit regulatory approvals for launching new products, as well as new internal initiatives. The ability to effectively communicate and collaborate in the portal is crucial for streamlining these processes. Analytics can help organizations monitor where communication breakdowns are occurring in the portal, to get their users back on track. They can also improve navigation paths based on user insights to help improve portal efficiency and ease of use.
  • Improved Internal Communications – These days, organizations are becoming increasingly more global. This means that the need for great communication and coordination across various departments that are spread across various time zones and locations is increasing! Analytics reports provide useful insights for stakeholders and administrators so that they can monitor user activity across the portal. They can leverage reports showing what countries and departments are accessing the portal in order to understand fundamental portal trends. They can identify and pinpoint both strong and weak spots, thus allowing them to take the appropriate steps to improve communication efforts and engage with those who are not taking full advantage of what the portal has to offer.
  • Increased Productivity and Information Overload Reduction – Over the past decade, information within and beyond the enterprise has exploded tremendously. This has made it increasingly more difficult for employees to be productive, all in thanks to information overload. As a result, people are spending long periods of time looking for information that could have been much more easily accessed. Analytics can provide organizations with intelligent data beyond traditional metrics, including information that is most popular, that’s trending and what’s most rated by users.

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