5 Reasons Why SaaS Analytics Make Sense for Your Business

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, such as the Internet. Instead of installing and maintaining software on your own server, you simply access the software through the internet. This frees you from complex software and hardware management, allowing you to devote your time and resources to more important issues.

Who uses SaaS?

Perhaps you’re looking for a reporting solution for your SharePoint environments, but you don’t have the infrastructure or resources readily available for an on-premises solution. Choosing a SaaS-based reporting solution, like our On-Demand solution, is the best option if you’re looking to save time, resources, and up-front costs. By choosing the On-Demand solution, your analytics data is guaranteed to be available to you for around-the-clock access.

Why SaaS?

If you’re looking for reporting software that guarantees you 24-hour access, ease of scalability, flexibility, and a low cost of entry, then a SaaS-based solution is the right choice for you. By opting for this route, you will have a support team provided by the third-party vendor at your service, so you can focus on the important issues while the support team does the dirty work.

Lower cost of entry

By choosing a SaaS solution, you cut your cost of entry considerably lower. Given the lower infrastructure and maintenance costs, the On-Demand solution can significantly lower the percentage of your business unit’s budget that’s devoted to IT spending. This means you can invest in other areas while still using an up-to-date, fully functional, and secure reporting solution.  Since you have a third-party support team to assist you, you also won’t need to allocate time or resources for hiring an administrator to maintain your server. This means that little or no technical knowledge is required for implementing this highly sophisticated solution. The vendor is thus responsible for upgrades, uptime, and security.

Easy Deployment

Many organizations today are looking for a quick and easy deployment, once they’ve purchased a new software. A SaaS-based software like our On-Demand software, can be configured much more quickly than an on-prem solution because it is already installed and configured. This reduces the time spent on an installation and reduces the issues that can possibly get in the way of a software deployment.


If you’re looking for unlimited scaling options to meet the needs of your company, a SaaS-based solution is your best option. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your storage spaces as your needs and requirements fluctuate. Compared with traditional, on-prem models, you won’t need to buy another server or software.

New Releases/Upgrades

When a new update is available, a SaaS provider will upgrade the solution and it will become available to you as a customer. Associated cost and effort for upgrades and new releases are lower than the traditional model that typically forces a user to buy an upgrade package and install it, or pay for a specialized service to get the environment upgraded. CardioLog Analytics On-Demand solution is offering to keep up-to-date with the most recent versions by automatically installing important updates. If you’re looking to eliminate system maintenance costs and reduce setup time, then this feature will make your SharePoint optimization experience much simpler. By receiving these automatic updates, you will inherently stay up to date with all the latest features offered by CardioLog Analytics without missing a step.

Are there any advantages to using SaaS that you would add to this list? Please connect with us on Twitter (@cardiolog) and let’s continue the discussion.

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