Cooperation – The New Paradigm for Business

Cooperation will soon trump any other concept in the world of business. An evolutionary step beyond collaboration, cooperation will be the pivotal concept in how sustainable societies, corporations, and organizations are structured. Whereas collaboration connotes people working with each other, cooperation connotes people working with and for each other.

While some market theorists believe in the value of competition over cooperation, an increasing number of scholars (Kohn, Sennett, Axelrod, Benkler) argue that there is nothing “natural” about the competitive state, that, in fact, a cooperative state can benefit both the individual and the collective.

In order to reach a state of cooperation, there are 3 things that have to be done:

  1. A framework of commonality has to be articulated.
  2. A philosophical agreement has to be created.
  3. Tools for cooperation have to be built.

Point three draws me to Intlock. Formerly antagonistic departments (Marketing and IT, Sales and Marketing, Sales and IT) are brought together in common cause, connected by the threads of shared goals and a common technology framework. Intlock’s solutions drive clear cooperation and therefore can confer comparative advantage to customers who buy, deploy, and use them.

Cooperation is the paradigm for the future. Enable yourself now by shifting your mindset. Use tools like those that Intlock provides to find your way to cooperation.