Microsoft Viva Benefits: What You Need to Know

what you need to know about microsoft viva benefits

In order for businesses to succeed, there should be a focus on creating great employee experiences. For many organizations, this has become an afterthought only. But by providing a great employee experience, you can reap long term benefits for your organization as a whole. This has now been made easier with the latest product from Microsoft bundle – Microsoft Viva. Before you can discover the Microsoft Viva benefits for your business, it’s important to learn more about how this tool works and the ways you can exploit it. 

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva has been defined as the first employee experience platform there is. This ecosystem is designed for the modern era, especially in this day and age when the digital workspace is becoming the norm. 

Since Microsoft introduced Viva, many organizations have welcomed it with open arms. It is equipped with a suite of tools that are designed to facilitate engagement, knowledge discovery, employee learning, and promotion of wellbeing among employees. This is a smart solution that is inspired by the challenges faced by employees following the pandemic from which many suffered the social and mental disconnect of working from home or remotely. 

With that said, this platform was developed primarily with the idea of long-term remote work in mind. There are various main components that comprise Microsoft Viva. Each of these components target specific issues that are faced by employees and optimizing them can help businesses achieve their goals.

benefits of Microsoft Viva that can help your business

These are the four main components of Microsoft Viva that help you gain insight into what you can achieve with this new tool.

1. Viva Learning

Training and onboarding new employees takes up a lot of time for any business or organization. The ability to streamline these processes can significantly benefit any business. For this reason, hiring managers have migrated training programs to the cloud to make it easier for participants to access them online. 

With Viva Learning, this is now possible. It provides a standardized training experience that enables employees and new hires to learn remotely. This is an especially useful tool for companies whose employees need to complete mandatory courses for compliance. 

2. Viva Connections

Due to many workers being forced to work from home or remotely, one of the most common concerns in the workplace in the pandemic era was the lack of engagement. Many employees felt disconnected from the rest of their co-workers and the organization in general. 

Any business leader knows the importance of engagement among employees as a driver of productivity and motivation. When employees feel disconnected and disengaged, they don’t perform at their best. This is an issue that Viva Connections aims to address by creating virtual town halls that allow socializing and the opportunity for employees to stay connected with one another.

3. Viva Topics

Knowledge discovery is a crucial part of the growth and development of any business. Equipping your employees with the latest knowledge allows you to compete on a global scale. Viva Topics enables you to create an internal library of information that is within easy access for your employees. It also provides them with extensive information from third-party sources so they can expand on the knowledge that is available to them. 

4. Viva Insights

Productivity level has been one of the main concerns among businesses since the switch to a remote work setup. A lot of managers struggled with monitoring employee performance in a remote setting. A year after the mass migration to working from home, burnout has emerged as another important concern.

The balance between striving for productivity and burnout is difficult to manage, especially for those who work from home and lack the supervision of a manager. How do you ensure that you are being productive without pushing yourself to the point of being burned out? 

With Viva Insights, you can get the answer to that. It is designed to facilitate a work-life balance for employees that work from home by providing valuable data and insights to managers and employers. 

Microsoft Viva Benefits for Your Business 

Knowing the tools available with this new platform, the next step is to discover the Microsoft Viva benefits to your business. Is this worth the investment? And will it fit into your management style? 

Many business leaders have already called Microsoft Viva a game-changing tool that will drive future business decisions. In particular, it gives employers access to valuable and actionable insights that enable their teams to perform their best. 

Increased Employee Engagement

More engaged employees are more productive employees. Therefore, the opportunity to increase employee engagement with Microsoft Viva is enough to make it a worthwhile investment. You can use it to reduce that mental and social disconnect that has plagued the remote workplace. 

Reduced Turnover Rates

Employees are happy when they feel like their company is investing in them. By providing constant training and education to employees, they have a reduced desire to seek out other opportunities. 

Promote Employee Wellbeing

One of the best Microsoft Viva benefits is in terms of the health and wellbeing of employees. This tool is equipped with routine reminders to do wellness checks, exercise, and meditation. It is even equipped with features that enable employees to unplug at the end of each working day. 

Knowledge Discovery

Employees who wish to expand their knowledge base and strive to expand their skill set can do so with Microsoft Viva. It is designed to make it easier to access knowledge and training tools from an internal library or external sources. 

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Do the Microsoft Viva Benefits Make it Worthwhile?

Microsoft has planned to unveil more features in the future in order to maximize the potential Microsoft Viva benefits for businesses. While that is yet to come, there are plenty of things that you can enjoy with this new tool to aid in optimizing productivity and ensuring employee satisfaction. 

After all, success with remote work is not just hinged on productivity. There are other critical factors such as employee satisfaction, corporate culture, engagement, and access to knowledge. But, there are other factors that cannot be measured that have to be considered, such as the likelihood of being burned out and the general wellbeing of your employees.