CardioLog Analytics Vs. Webtrends Analytics

The Only On Premise SharePoint Analytics Solution for Enterprises

A Benchmark Comparison – Much More Than Just Analytics

Using SharePoint usage reports and SharePoint collaboration and engagement business solutions, opens new opportunities for managers to increase portal collaboration and drive employee productivity, leveraging the most important asset an organization possesses: the human capital. Empowering and cultivating this resource requires innovative management, clear portal goals and the right tailor-made SharePoint Analytics tools.

In the below table, you can see a description comparison between CardioLog Analytics & SharePoint Marketing Suite and Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint. View CardioLog Analytics vs. HarePoint Analytics

 Webtrends Description Intlock Description
ScalabilityWebtrends handles traffic.
  • CardioLog Analytics supports an unlimited number of page views, farms and web-front-ends
  • Enterprises with multiple SharePoint environments and farms can centralize companies’ analytics with CardioLog Analytics
  • One easy-to-use interface that works across all assets and external applications
  • Robust scalability for large traffic volumes
  • Our high volume Intranet customers include: Duke Energy, Visa, Applied Materials, Fidelity Investments, the International Monetary Fund, US Department of State, IMF, NATO and more
Data Collection Apart from the Webtrends SharePoint 2010 services, data collected by Webtrends is being sent, processed and stored on the cloud and not on your on- premises servers. CardioLog Analytics offers on-prem and cloud editions. Our on-premises edition is specifically aimed to respect your data’s privacy. With our on-premises edition your data is stored internally which ensures that only you will have access to the data.

  • CardioLog Analytics offers various methods to collect data from SharePoint within our on premise and on demand solutions.
  • CardioLog Analytics’ preferred method is executed via the certified Microsoft SharePoint Feature
  • Customers can also add the code to a common component in the master pages
  • CardioLog Analytics does not rely on core.js to collect data.
  • CardioLog Analytics drilldown feature further breaks down and analyzes sections and/or sub-sections of your site in detail: single pages and documents
  • CardioLog Analytics provides an efficient, prompt, and easy means of analyzing historic usage data via a simple import of your SharePoint IIS log files
  • The unique functionality of importing historic IIS log files can be processed, analyzed and linked to the structure of your site, enabling view of SharePoint usage reports from day one
Extensibility Although Webtrends can collect data from on- premises SharePoint, the data that is being collected is sent to the cloud which limits its extensibility and customization options, most often requiring intensive and highly priced professional service efforts. CardioLog Analytics in its on-premises edition is owned and available for access only by you. The on-premises edition is fully customizable and can be modified and extended by your team.

  • CardioLog Analytics uses a JavaScript code to track Internet and Intranet sites and can track any website regardless of the technology behind it
  • A key advantage of CardioLog Analytics over other analytics tools is the feature that allows CardioLog Analytics to learn about your sites before and while monitoring them
  • CardioLog Analytics provides in-depth reports that are directly related to different content types: wiki pages or blog posts or news articles, unlike Webtrends that processes all pages the same way
  • CardioLog Analytics is fully customizable and can be modified and extended by your team with our SDK
  • SDK can be used to send events from non web-based systems, including offline events, monitor new environments, create new metrics, custom dimensions, and integrate CardioLog Analytics with external services
  • CardioLog Analytics has implemented new and unique features such as integration to Dynamics CRM and Salesforce integration, based on customization for our diverse customers’ needs
Support & Services Webtrends is capable of supporting solutions for enterprises.
  • Intlock is a boutique and personal company, providing the best customer support, proven by our 10 year track record of working with big-name clients internationally
  • Our support and retention team consists of SharePoint technical experts and analytics and marketing professionals
  • With fewer clients per account manager we ensure each customer gets the support and attention they need
Segments & Optimize Webtrends offers solutions for visitor profiling.
  • Our segmentation solution has been in use by our clients for almost a decade, providing the most advanced targeting solution on the market
  • CardioLog Analytics can target content, tests, and uses engagement tools with the segmentation module, allowing for the segmentation of users by dozens of built-in user attributes and activities
  • CardioLog Analytics automatically retrieves information on employees and partners using your intranet portal with its seamless integration with the data stored in Active Directory and SharePoint user profile
  • CardioLog Analytics can import user information from external systems such as Dynamics CRM and Salesforce and use that data to target your users
Pricing Webtrends Analytics is pricey and in most cases requires additional professional services cost to complete the product installation and configuration Our pricing system is more moderate and provides better ROI on web analytics solutions in relation to the total enterprise portal investment

  • Our easy configuration wizard enables a seamless deployment on all SharePoint environments with an out-of-the-box integration to SharePoint components and tree structure
 Social Reports Facebook,, twitter, Youtube
  • Facebook, and YouTube with use of API
  • Social metrics for SharePoint 2013: likes, rating
 Yammer Reports Not available
  • CardioLog Analytics Yammer reports examine user activity, groups, top groups, user adoption, likes, shares, top content and much more
Engagement and Optimization ToolsThe Engagement and Optimization tools offered by Webtrends are not part of the Webtrends basic (out of the box pricing) analytics package for SharePoint editions and can be purchased for an additional cost. Engagement:

  • Surveys
  • Message Bar
  • Behavioral Targeting


  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Campaigns and Shortened links
  • SEO reports

CardioLog Analytics’ Engagement and Optimization tools are being provided as part of the basic analytics packages.

Enhanced User SegmentationWebtrends can collect fields from the SharePoint user profile service including custom fieldsCardioLog Analytics collects out-of-the-box information from Active Directory (both Azure and on- prem), SharePoint User Profiles and Dynamics CRM. It also can be customized to work with any other third party user repository using our SDK.