SharePoint out-of-the-box, basic reporting, provides only an aggregate view of your visitors and their interactions within the SharePoint portal. This limits the ways in which you can track visitors by only offering reports like Visitor Bounce Rate, Browsers, Unique Visitors, Visits Audit Log, Who is Online, and Localization. But what if you want a more pointed, specifically detailed look at your visitors?

CardioLog’s Visitor usage reports that take a person centered approach will take you to a new level of richly detailed insights. Advanced visitor reports can enable you to see not only the unique trends in the use of your site, but also provide you with a comprehensive list of your visitors. Examples of common visitor reports used by our customers:

  • Visitor Profiles – Comprehensive visitor profiles allow you the flexibility of segmenting your visitors according to any criteria.
  • Visitor Collaboration – Learn what reports you can use to measure how your visitors are collaborating with each other within the portal.
  • Visitor Adoption – What kind of activities are your users engaging in once they have entered the portal? How often are they entering the portal? Attain the answers to these questions with reports that signify your user adoption rates.
  • Inactive Users – Where do your visitor weak spots exist?

All of these reports culminate to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed perspective on what is going on within your SharePoint portal.

visitor reports