CardioLog Analytics For Government

Government agencies have begun making the choice to use analytics solutions for their SharePoint intranet portals. With hundreds to thousands of users interacting in a portal, the next step to take is to implement SharePoint reporting and analytics. Taking that next step can be overwhelming. CardioLog Analytics makes it easier.

It’s no surprise that both federal and local government organizations are under increasing pressure to cut costs, streamline processes, and decrease the amount of bureaucratic red tape. In order to achieve these goals, a high-quality resource needs to be available so that decision makers can implement solutions to achieve these goals. By maximizing the effectiveness of their existing technologies like SharePoint, governments are able to realize ROI, increase transparency between employees, drive collaboration and increase portal productivity.

In order to participate in the recent ARRA economic stimulus packages enacted by Congress, government organizations and agencies need to develop a high level of transparency and accountability to improve their IT and communications hardware. By streamlining documents, processes, information, communication, and much more within the SharePoint portal, these organizations can strive to achieve these goals. Thus, the first step government organizations should take is to implement a high-quality analytics solution. An analytics solution, like CardioLog Analytics, enables organizations to improve the usability within the portal, drive collaboration, and enhance overall productivity within the portal.

Why CardioLog Analytics for Government?

  • Compliance: CardioLog Analytics is a SharePoint reporting and analytics solution renowned for its security and consistency. The on-premises solution enables compliance with the broadest range of legislation, regulations, and standards.
  • Control: CardioLog Analytics gives you the ability to have complete control of your data. The on-premises solution allows you to have all your data stored within the safety and security of your own organization.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: If you’re seeking an ROI on your SharePoint investment, CardioLog Analytics is the solution for you. By first monitoring your portal activity, you can then optimize your portal so that both your administrators and end users can get the most out of your SharePoint investment.
  • Choice: CardioLog Analytics is integrated flawlessly with SharePoint, as well as other third-party intranets and extranets. It offers out of the box support as well as customized APIs for other applications, customizations, CRMS, and workflow platforms like Nintex.

One of the main advantages of choosing a solution like CardioLog Analytics is that you are in complete control. Unlike remote-hosted services, such as Google Analytics, CardioLog Analytics offers an on-premises solution so that you can host it on your own server. This ensures that your level of control over your intranet’s security is up to your own organization’s protocols and standards. CardioLog understands that privacy and security is of utmost importance for governments when managing their intranet data, which is why the on-premises offering is the ultimate solution for these significant needs.

Find out more information with this Government Fact Sheet: Fact Sheet(PDF)

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A partial list of government organizations using CardioLog Analytics:

Inter-American Development BankMelbourne WaterU.S Department of State

ECDC- European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlEU Publications Office

US ARMY DOD (Department of Defense)Food Standard AgencyCalifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation