SharePoint Analytics For State And Local Government


Government organizations at the state and local level manage a multitude of data processes, document distribution, communications, and other activities. Many of these organizations are also highly departmentalized, working from many locations. For these reasons, many decision makers within these organizations are looking for ways to streamline these processes to make them more effective, useful, and productive. As many State and Local organizations have very large user bases and infrastructures, they face a variety of challenges that require deeper insight into their SharePoint experience. Organizing resources and content are two examples of how analytics can help state and local organizations improve their SharePoint portals.

By making corporate communications more effective and efficient, state and local governments are able to increase productivity and drive portal user adoption. They can ensure that people are coming into the portal, and are getting the right information that they’re looking for.

Over the course of a year, State and Local leveraged CardioLog Analytics to…

  • Drive Portal Collaboration: Pinpointed 56,866 outdated list items and improved site relevance by identifying old wikis, announcements, support, tickets, and more
  • Improve Portal Usability: Pinpointed 130,083 unused page links and then redesigned 15,112 pages to better serve end users

CardioLog Analytics’ State and Local Government customers include:

Michigan WorksDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation