Analytics & the Search For Marbles: Why to Invest in SharePoint Analytics Software

  In the classic movie “Peter Pan,” an old and confused man is shown searching for his marbles. “I’ve lost my marbles” he exclaims. Throughout the movie the man looks quite insane and an ounce of pity is dropped into the viewer’s eyes. One cannot help but think “poor guy.” As the movie’s plot unravels it becomes clear that these marbles are the man’s happy thoughts and positive memories, without these he remains stuck and unable to leave his state of frantic panic in search of these precious marbles. This man has all the tools to function as a human, however without these  life-positives he is unable to live in his best ability.
   Although the bewildered man and his marbles might seem completely irrelevant to one’s own business’s success, the two actually have a lot in common. Modern psychology has a relatively new branch under its pop-psychology umbrella; Positive Psychology. Among the many aspects of positivity that this field of psychology deals with, one of them is success in business. Positive psychologists now perform interventions in businesses, trying to see what exactly might enhance a business’s success. One method that has been proven to do the trick is by finding out what a business is good at, what strengths it has. Positive psychology claims that looking at a business’s strengths is a more effect way for business growth than looking at its faults. This is called a Flower Pot Analysis, the emphasis is on the flower rather than the hole it is placed in. In Peter Pan terms, the best way to increase business success is by finding a business’s “marbles,” it’s positive aspects.  
   Professional software that perform analytics within a business’s portal is key to the discovery of these specific positive marbles. Particularly, Office 365 Analytics and SharePoint usage reports can provide data pointing in the direction of what a company needs help working on and what a company is doing right. Such information helps business teams, administrators, senior management, site and site owners know which dollars are successfully bringing in the ever so sought; ROI. Further developing an already existing strength is key, and without Office 365 reports this task proves to be the longest and most difficult rout in climbing the mountain to success. However, such data provided by Office 365 analytics makes Mount Everest into that garden hill in the backyard.
   Towards the end of the movie “Peter Pan,” the elderly man finds his marbles and is thus mobile and functional in his life again. Perhaps the key to success in business is counting your marbles before you lose them and are forced to bear  the consequences. Such precautions are made easy with Office 365 reporting like CardioLog Analytics. Creating a sound strategy and continuously monitoring your internal business efforts are key for propelling forward. 

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