Boosting Success Through User Adoption Tracking

User adoption tracking for SharePoint is critical when it comes to boosting the success of an organization. It involves using certain reports and data to track how your users are interacting in SharePoint and how they’re adopting your intranet. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of tracking user adoption in SharePoint and how it can boost the success of a business. 

Resource Optimization

SharePoint requires a large allocation of resources in terms of time, money, and IT resources. Tracking user adoption allows organizations to ensure that their resources are being used properly. It also allows them to see where in their intranet they may need more of these resources. To put it simply, user adoption for SharePoint allows an organization to be more efficient with its resources. 

Customization and Configuration

One advantage of SharePoint is how customizable the system is. This allows organizations to design their SharePoint in order to serve the needs of their users. User adoption tracking is what tells an organization what sort of customization or configuration is best for their users and where exactly changes can be made.

Content Management

SharePoint was made for content management. User adoption tracking allows an organization to make their intranet as simple and easily accessible as possible. It shows whether users are effectively managing and accessing content. If they aren’t, it also provides insight into how it can be improved for your users. 

Collaboration and Communication

Another important part of SharePoint is how it facilitates communication within the intranet. User adoption tracking gives the leaders of an organization information on how their users are utilizing these features to work together. If they aren’t utilizing them as much as they should, they can now rectify that. 

User Training and Support

Tracking user adoption highlights the areas where users may need additional training or support from the organization. This helps improve user efficiency in SharePoint, which saves resources, and reduces the likelihood of errors or mistakes. It’s also helpful for people who struggle but aren’t asking for help. Monitoring usage will just give you that information without needing them to come forward.

There are plenty of ways to track user adoption, including specific formulas for measurements. However, now there is software available that makes tracking user adoption much more straightforward. Analytics software such as Cardiolog Analytics can show page views, user activity, time spent, social activity, and so much more. All of these reports offered by Cardiolog Analytics for SharePoint tell you how your product is being adopted by your users. You can clearly see which users in a department are using the system, and you can see exactly what they’re looking at and if that helped them. 


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So, what are some of these reports for SharePoint?

Top Visitors: This report shows which users are the most active, which content they’re viewing, adding, modifying, commenting on, or following. This effectively shows an organization what percentage of users are active on Sharepoint and therefore what percentage hasn’t adopted the product yet.

Navigation paths and user journey: A report which shows the most common navigation path a user takes to find what they’re looking for. Also records the top landing pages, the common exit pages, the exit rate, and the bounce rate per page. All of this can be compared to other users which will provide information on how efficient your users are, and if they need further assistance. 

Time Spent: A report that shows how much time users spend on each page or on the portal in general. Tells an organization which users or groups are more engaged, what content is most engaging, and who still needs help. All of this provides insight into user adoption in SharePoint. 

Page Interactions: Allows organizations to track on-page user engagement, such as clicks on buttons, links, images, mouse movements, and more. This helps them optimize their pages for a better experience and productivity. The page interactions report provides specific insight into how a user interacts with one singular page which tells you the current user adoption and how to improve it. 

To boost an organization’s success you need to drive user adoption in SharePoint. Using software like Cardiolog Analytics, you can take all of the information these reports give you about your users and increase user adoption. The more efficient and straightforward a Sharepoint is, the less resources are wasted and the more productive the entire company is as a whole. 

In conclusion, tracking user adoption in SharePoint can result in a large boost in success for any organization. Through internal improvements highlighted by analytic software, an organization can waste less resources, increase efficiency in SharePoint, and make content more accessible to users. 


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