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The modern workplace has evolved in the past few years and it will continue to evolve in the years to come. From the pandemic to the rise of digital transformation, it is important for organizations to learn to adapt in order to provide the best employee experience. Your employees are integral to your work culture and foster a positive work environment. Take the time to learn about how employee experience solutions can influence your employee journey and how you can integrate them into your organization.

How to Choose the Technologies You Need for Employee Experience Solutions

The hybrid work model is here to stay. Even when the pandemic is finally over, expect that many companies will retain their current work model of having some employees work in the office and others work from home. 

In this kind of setup, technology and digital solutions play a vital role in ensuring a positive employee experience. However, it is not technology per se that can offer the solution you need. It is all about identifying the right technological solutions to match your employees’ needs, as well as that of the organization.

So, what technologies and features do you need to be on the lookout for when finding the right employee experience solution? 

Technologies That Promote Engagement and the Spread of Information

The best employee experience solution must be designed to promote higher engagement in employees. In the digital workspace, this is easier said than done due to the lack of physical interaction among employers and employees (and their co-workers). Invest in digital solutions and software platforms that can help the team communicate in one digital space or platform. 

The ability to access information, content, files, and other types of documents in one place facilitates ease of collaboration and makes communication easier. It lets everyone stay on top of things in a more organized manner. You can also use these technological solutions to make important company announcements, share the latest news relevant to the organization, and other forms of team communication.

A tool such as this promotes engagement among employees and makes them feel more involved with the team. If you can find an employee experience solution platform that allows you to hold meetings and work on documents from one place, then that is even better.

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Technologies that Connect People with Data

As an employee, it is frustrating and annoying when you are unable to find the documents and information you need. It could be a contract, a guide, or a specific document relevant to a task you are working on. You can get rid of this frustration and improve employee experience with a technological solution that makes searching for and storing documents efficient. Your employees can be saved from a ton of stress and wasted time having to fumble through multiple documents in search of one. 

By making documents and other essential company files accessible to everyone on the team, you can also increase productivity. The time that was spent searching for a document or file could be used to do something more productive. Therefore, this investment can benefit your company, just as much as it does your employees.

Technologies That Make Learning Possible

Employees who feel like their company is invested in their learning and development are more likely to stay in that company. This is why the best and most innovative companies invest in regular training of their employees to help them acquire new skills and knowledge. These companies know that their employees are their best asset. By investing in them, employees feel empowered and they feel valued. For this reason, they return the favor by giving their best effort at work and making full use of the new knowledge or skills they acquired. 

Technologies That Promote Wellness and Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace offers a ton of benefits including boosting employee morale. In addition, diversity also gives your team access to new ideas or processes that weren’t previously available, along with skills and experiences that could prove valuable to the organization. Make sure you harness those skills and knowledge to their fullest potential in order to benefit the team. 

This can be made possible by implementing hiring practices that focus on inclusion and promoting diversity. The recruitment process must focus on the skills, knowledge, and experience of an applicant while looking past their personal information (such as age or race). 

Another way that you can promote employee experience through technology is with the promotion of wellness. During the time of the pandemic, the issue of health and wellness in the workplace was put at the top of the employers’ priority list. Make sure you select an employee experience solution that provides insights into the health and wellness of employees and then implement any actionable suggestions made. 

Wellness issues such as work burnout and mental health problems are just a few of the things that you can address in the workplace with the right employee experience platform.

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How to Introduce Employee Experience Solutions

Implementing new technologies and solutions in the workplace is always challenging. As an employer, there is no way to predict how it will be received by your employees. Before you begin implementation, it is important to have a robust strategy in place. 

The first step is for employers to build awareness of the current situation of their employees and their work practices. Proper change management is critical to ensure that you can maximize any new changes you integrate into the operation of your organization. Specifically, you must be aware of how this change will affect the users – the employees. This is a tricky situation because implementing an employee experience solution should benefit the employees, not make things more challenging for them.

According to experts, only 20% of any changes you implement are about your organization – the rest is about your employees. Conduct user research prior to implementation so you know exactly what they need and the accompanying changes that will resolve that. The data you gather must influence your change management strategy when introducing a new platform. Once that is accomplished, you can move on to end-user adoption. 

Some employees might welcome this new solution with open arms while others will have some resistance. Most of those who belong to the latter group usually lack an understanding of the new changes being implemented. Take the time to educate your employees about the new technology why it is critical for the business, and how it will benefit them particularly. The support given to employees must not end there; it should be ongoing until the employees have fully adapted to the system. This is the only way to ensure success when adopting employee experience solutions. 

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