From Predictive to Preventative Analytics: Advanced Analytics and Positive User Experience

Often times, companies that want to function at high levels of efficiency invest in a SharePoint and or Microsoft Office 365 intranet portal; however when it comes to an intranet portal, good intent is not enough. A successful portal needs constant research and upkeep in order to make sure that it is functioning as a way to boost efficiency. An intranet portal that is neglected and  handed off to users to fend for themselves is one that leads to detrimental consequences, as the portal may not be designed in ways that are efficient, easy-to-use, and intuitive. Instead of your portal existing as an asset to your company’s efficiency, it can be its handicap. A negative user experience causes frustration, lack of motivation, and poor work ethic.

Time and again, the facts have shown that happy users are productive ones, therefore taking interest in your employees’ user experience  may be a highly rewarding investment of time. The best way to prevent such consequences is by using advanced analytics to collect data that reflects your employees’ user experience and acting on these insights with powerful engagement tools. The benefits of SharePoint engagement tools and analytics are not limited to its predictive qualities, but also result from its preventative qualities as well.

Advanced analytic and engagement solutions, such as Cardiolog Engage, can be set to send out campaigns in moments of user frustration. For example, when a user reaches a 404 error page after a failed search, a campaign can pop and ask the user “what were you trying to search for?”

measuring search success

Campaigns can also be sent out in a time sensitive manner. You can set your campaign to pop up and ask the user “have you found what you are looking for?” after a user has spent a lengthy amount of time a specific page.

campaign engagement

Finally, after feedback is collected and your intranet has adjusted to user needs, campaigns can be sent to ask users if they are benefiting from the recent alterations when a user encounters them for the first time.

Office 365 Campaign follow up

These precautions let your employees know that their happiness is top priority. The notion that one’s company cares about employee satisfaction, alone, boosts moral and adds to the amount of patience your employees will have with the portal as it evolves into its maximum state of potential where employee engagement will remain static at peak levels.