What Your Organization Requires to Use SharePoint 2019 in 2023

sharepoint 2019 requirements

updated: Nov 16th 2023

As of 2023, SharePoint 2019 may no longer be the latest version offered by Microsoft, but it remains a robust option for organizations looking for an on-premises solution for content management and collaboration. Even so, to ensure your organization can use SharePoint 2019 effectively, it’s crucial to meet the necessary hardware and software requirements.

SharePoint 2019 Hardware Requirements:

The hardware foundation for SharePoint 2019 comprises both SQL Server and Windows Server components. Below are the updated minimum requirements.

SQL Server Minimum Requirements:

Component Requirement
Processor 1.4 GHz, 64-bit
Hard Disk 80 GB for system drive
Database Server SQL Server 2016 SP2 or higher

Windows Server Minimum Requirements:

Component Requirement
Processor 1.4 GHz, 64-bit
RAM 16 GB for developer or evaluation use
Hard Disk 80 GB for system drive
Operating System Windows Server 2016 or newer

Note: These values are the minimum. Exceeding them as per your organization’s needs is recommended for optimal performance.


recommended sharepoint 2019 requirements

SharePoint 2019 Software Requirements: 

To fully leverage SharePoint 2019, certain software prerequisites must be met.

SQL Server Versions Supported:

  • SQL Server 2016 SP2 or later
  • SQL Server 2017 or later

Required for Advanced Functions:

  • Enterprise version for Power Pivot, Power View, Transparent Data Encryption, Always On Availability Groups
  • Standard version or higher for Database Mirroring, Always On Failover Cluster, Backup Compression

Windows Server Requirements:

  • Windows Server 2016 or newer, Standard or Datacenter edition, 64-bit
  • Additional software prerequisites include:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or higher
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2 Native Client
    • Other prerequisites as required by Microsoft documentation
sharepoint 2019 minimum requirements

The Benefits of Using SharePoint 2019:

Despite being released years ago, SharePoint 2019’s capabilities still stand strong, offering benefits like:

  • Modified SharePoint Homepage: An intuitive user interface with easy site and resource access.
  • OneDrive Sync Client: Enhanced client support and reliable sync for team portals.
  • Enhanced Business Process Support: Advanced features for process automation and on-premise data connection.
  • Improved Team Sites: Responsive design with a powerful news publishing engine.
  • Support for Large Files: Ability to upload files up to 15 GB, accommodating a wider range of file types.

Why go through all of the troubles of updating and making sure that you have met the minimum hardware and software requirements for SharePoint 2019? Well, it’s simple: the new version has brought new capabilities that will facilitate the productivity of your business collaboration and content management. 

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This software solution is relied on by organizations for data and document management, organization, and team collaboration. This centralized business platform is equipped with the capabilities to accelerate business growth as you can rely on it for various business activities. With the release of SharePoint 2019, your organization can also have access to various new capabilities to enhance productivity and performance with this software tool.


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Staying Current

Even though SharePoint 2019 is a bit older now, it’s vital to ensure you’ve met the updated requirements to harness its full potential. Remaining current with your infrastructure not only facilitates better performance but also ensures compatibility with Microsoft support services.

If your organization is still utilizing SharePoint 2019, consider planning for the future by exploring migration paths to SharePoint Online or newer versions, which offer enhanced features and cloud-based advantages.

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