SharePoint Governance Regulation Compliance Suite

The Governance Suite for SharePoint is a set of tools, solutions policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how your organization’s business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve all its goals because it is aimed at improving the management and administration of SharePoint environments. This Governance Suite also helps organizations to better manage their SharePoint environment and promote good governance practices, such as defining policies and procedures, managing user access, monitoring activity and usage, automating processes, and reporting on key metrics.  Having a governance plan in place early can help an organization stay compliant with their business processes and regulations.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) is a strategic approach that aligns IT with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements. It involves an organized approach to aligning IT with business objectives, managing risk effectively, and staying in compliance with regulations.

Two of the primary ways SharePoint is used in an organization are intranet sites and collaboration. Governance in both these areas needs to be considered.

Some other key features of a SharePoint Governance Suite may include:

  • Policy and compliance management
  • User and access management
  • Content and metadata management
  • Search and discovery
  • Reporting and analytics

The aim of the Governance Suite is to help organizations ensure that their SharePoint environment is being used effectively, efficiently, and in a manner that is consistent with their governance policies and standards.


The SharePoint Governance Suite is important because it helps ensure effective management and control over a SharePoint environment by:

  • Defining policies and standards for content creation and management
  • Monitoring and enforcing compliance with those policies
  • Providing tools for managing content and user permissions
  • Facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Promoting user adoption and reducing risk of data loss or security breach.

The Sharepoint governance suit also drives productivity by:

  1. Streamlining content management processes
  2. Enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing
  3. Promoting user adoption of SharePoint
  4. Minimizing downtime due to issues or deviations
  5. Reducing the risk of data loss or security breach.


By having well-defined policies, standards, and proper monitoring in place, SharePoint Governance Suite helps to increase efficiency and productivity in the use of the SharePoint environment.


Sharepoint governance suit drives productivity

Analytics and Reporting

The SharePoint Governance Suite provides various analytics and reporting features that help organizations to track the usage and performance of their SharePoint environment. These features can provide insights into:

Site activity and usage: Track site visits, page views, and the frequency of usage of different SharePoint elements, such as lists and libraries.

Content management: Monitor the creation, modification, and deletion of SharePoint content and identify trends in content management practices.

User behavior: Analyze user behavior and track the frequency of certain activities, such as searches or document downloads.

Performance: Monitor the performance of SharePoint, including page load times, server resource utilization, and other key performance metrics.

Compliance: Ensure that SharePoint content is managed in compliance with internal policies and regulations.


These analytics and reporting features can help organizations to make informed decisions about the management and optimization of their SharePoint environment. The data generated by these features can be used to identify areas for improvement and track the impact of changes made to the SharePoint environment.


Why is it important to monitor SharePoint Governance Suite?

Monitoring SharePoint Governance Suite is important for several reasons:

  1. Ensuring compliance with policies and standards
  2. Detecting and fixing any issues or deviations
  3. Improving efficiency and performance of the SharePoint environment
  4. Identifying areas for improvement in content management and collaboration
  5. Maintaining data security and preventing potential data loss.


Overall, SharePoint provides a comprehensive toolset for managing GRC within your organization. However, the successful implementation of these tools is highly dependent on the effective planning and execution of your organization’s governance plan. Also, it requires continuous monitoring and adjustment to meet changing regulatory requirements and evolving business objectives.

The most important thing to know about SharePoint Governance Suite is that it provides a framework for effective management and control of SharePoint environment by defining policies and standards, monitoring compliance, and providing tools for managing content and user permissions. Proper governance helps ensure that SharePoint is used efficiently, securely, and effectively, promoting user adoption and collaboration, and reducing risk of data loss or security breach.