Motivation Tools for Employees: Gamification and Engagement Ideas

Unhappy and dissatisfied employees can wreak havoc on a company’s productivity level. On the other hand, motivated employees go out of their way to deliver the best performance and exceed the employer’s expectations of them. Organizations must strive to boost employee motivation as it will benefit them in the end. Discover the best motivation tools[…]

Gamification for Motivation

Best Practices for Migrating to SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365

Why migrate online? Microsoft 365 is one of the most powerful platforms to boost collaboration inside and outside your organization.    Remote or hybrid work becomes the new standard for almost every corporation. Office 365 blends familiar office tools into a cloud environment. It helps your team to feel comfortable and secure, and access their[…]

Migrating to SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365

Box vs. Microsoft SharePoint: Which Is Better in 2021

Finding a reliable document management tool is a must for small businesses and professionals. It makes it easier to access essential documents and share them among other members of the organization. If you are looking for the best document management system on the market, you have come to the right place. You will discover the[…]

compare Box vs SharePoint

Power BI and SharePoint Reporting

There has been a lot of buzz lately around Power BI. Power BI was released in 2014 and made a huge impact on how Microsoft users view their data. Microsoft branched out from static reports to create highly visual and interactive dashboards that change to reflect real-time data. For SharePoint administrators, using Power BI for[…]

sharepoint reports

Three Ways Software Can Help with Change Management

What is change management anyway? As the name would suggest, change management is the management of large-scale institutional change at a company or other organization. Large-scale change usually involves altering some important process or system used by the organization. Change management is essential for an organization to stay nimble and adapt to changing circumstances. For[…]

Meeting room with management

SharePoint Gamification – Unlock Employee Engagement through Games

Finding new and fun ways to motivate your employees can sometimes be a challenge. Your staff might be disconnected from your intranet or struggling to adjust to a portal migration. This wreaks havoc on a company’s finances as disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450-550 billion every year. Finding ways to get your employees excited about[…]

SharePoint Gamification unlock employee engagement through games

CardioLog Analytics Now Tracks SharePoint Modern Pages

SharePoint recently released a new update: Modern SharePoint. SharePoint’s new modern experience extends to hub sites, lists, libraries, and team sites. It is available to those who have an Office 365 subscription. If you already have a site in SharePoint Online, you’ve probably been using modern lists and pages without even realizing it. Why Was[…]

7 Benefits of Using CardioLog’s Advanced Features for Business Users

Your organization has taken its SharePoint Analytics and Reporting initiatives by the reigns. You may have  assigned a steering team to create an organized plan for how to tackle challenges in the SharePoint portal, as well as use SharePoint Analytics to solve these issues and improve the portal. As a business user, you’ve become familiar[…]

3 Benefits of Using Office 365 for Enterprises

There’s been a not-so-subtle buzz since Microsoft Ignite, hinting that Office 365 and it’s SharePoint Online feature are the next big thing. As of 2015, the number of enterprise organizations situating themselves on the cloud is growing every day. In today’s world where enterprises are always hustling and bustling, accessibility, mobility, and ease of use[…]