CardioLog Analytics Now Tracks SharePoint Modern Pages

SharePoint recently released a new update: Modern SharePoint. SharePoint’s new modern experience extends to hub sites, lists, libraries, and team sites. It is available to those who have an Office 365 subscription. If you already have a site in SharePoint Online, you’ve probably been using modern lists and pages without even realizing it.

Why Was Modern SharePoint Created?

Modern SharePoint was developed to enhance the SharePoint user experience. Classic SharePoint was created in 2002, and it has gained some usability issues as more new features have been added. Designing and modifying sites on classic SharePoint isn’t the easiest task and it can take a lot of time to create sites that are aesthetically pleasing to users.

What Is Modern SharePoint?

Modern SharePoint is a new and improved user experience that addresses these problems, as it is easier to use and has more editing options. It’s simple for non-developers to create a nice-looking page that only contains relevant information.

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What Are The Benefits of Using Modern SharePoint?

  • It was designed with mobile devices in mind. Thus, when accessing SharePoint on your device, modern pages adapt to fit the size of your screen, allowing for better visibility and usability.
  • It runs faster than classic SharePoint since most of the page is designed in the web browser, which means a lot of content is saved outside of SharePoint servers.
  • Your information within a SharePoint site is backed by an Office 365 Group, so it has a OneNote notebook, Outlook mailbox, and Exchange calendar. This gives you the ability to seamlessly view all of your sites’ calendars or notes at a glance.
  • SharePoint modern pages are more secure than the classic pages; you can create permissions for those who is able to add a script to the page. This prevents someone from placing a harmful script on your page, e.g. a script that gathers confidential information.
  • Also, you can easily add a Microsoft Team to your modern SharePoint Team Site. This allows users to effortlessly share information among different teams.
  • Another con of classic SharePoint is it has a rigid hierarchy that is difficult to reorganize. Modern SharePoint pages tackle this issue with hub sites. Hub sites are more flexible to rearrange and modify.


CardioLog Analytics Tracking Modern SharePoint

Does CardioLog Analytics Track Modern SharePoint?

Yes! CardioLog Analytics’ SharePoint analytics can now fully analyze and provide in-depth insights about Modern Pages. We are happy to say that starting in Q2 2018 CardioLog Analytics fully supports monitoring of modern pages in Office 365.

If you’re interested in learning about the metrics of Modern Pages that CardioLog can track, book a personal demo

If you’re an existing customer and are having issues tracking your Modern Pages, contact our support team for assistance.

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