How To Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity in SharePoint and Microsoft 365

It’s no secret that technology can help organizations drive employee engagement and take their productivity levels to astounding heights. Many large enterprises spend large amounts of resources on training their employees on their SharePoint and Microsoft 365 portals, yet oftentimes don’t realize that there are many small and simplistic steps they can take to boost[…]

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How to Drive User Adoption to Increase SharePoint Productivity

A successful SharePoint portal hinges on a well-executed end-user adoption strategy. By assessing end-user adoption metrics, organizations can gauge the overall health and performance of their portal and the depth of engagement of their end-users. Elevated adoption rates signify a vibrant portal, offering tangible value and delivering a substantial return on investment. Although many organizations[…]

Top 5 Reasons SaaS SharePoint Analytics Make Sense for SMBs

It’s no surprise to any organization that SharePoint and it’s numerous add-ons can be pricey. The cost of implementation of servers, infrastructure, and maintenance is a factor that has kept SMBs out of the SharePoint game for some time. Yet now with the the establishment of SharePoint Online and many cloud-based solutions on the Microsoft market,[…]

SharePoint 2016: What’s New for Business Users?

There’s been plenty of buzz going around regarding SharePoint 2016, specifically relating to It professionals and developers. Yet, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there on why business users should be excited for the new deployment of SharePoint 2016. Here’s a quick breakdown of the various changes that will occur within the SharePoint[…]

3 Perks of Using SharePoint Online for Enterprise Information Management

SharePoint Online is a flexible solution that can be useful for many small to medium-sized businesses. However, the solution also fits perfectly well into many large enterprise’s information management strategies. The opportunity for enterprises to be able to store all their internal information in one integrated portal is invaluable for increasing business efficiency. Here are[…]

3 Perks of Using SharePoint Online for Enterprise Information Management