SharePoint 2016: What’s New for Business Users?

There’s been plenty of buzz going around regarding SharePoint 2016, specifically relating to It professionals and developers. Yet, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there on why business users should be excited for the new deployment of SharePoint 2016. Here’s a quick breakdown of the various changes that will occur within the SharePoint 2016 deployment, ¬†and how it will affect business users.


UsabilityThere are many usability enhancements coming up in SharePoint 2016. The global navigation experience will be enhanced with the introduction of the “App Launcher”. Those who have already been working in Office 365 are probably familiar with the App Launcher. Simply put, it’s an extensible interface allowing users to quickly access OneDrive for Business, Viva Engage (Yammer) and Delve. They can also navigate easily between on-premises and the cloud. Quick access is an important feature in this tool, also with the added bonus of letting users add their own sites for quick access.
File AccessMicrosoft stepped up to the plate by addressing the need of larger file sizes. SharePoint 2016 will support 10GB maximum file size (compared to 2GB in SharePoint 2013.) Durable links will also provide the capability to keep a resource-based URL to documents even after they are renamed or moved in SharePoint.
SearchThe Search capability in SharePoint 2016 is greatly improved. With many environments being hybrid, they’ve allowed for a user to perform one search that will return the results from both locations in one single search results page.
SharingSharing has also been enhanced in SharePoint 2016. Users can create and share folders, view who a folder is shared with while viewing other folders. They can quickly approve or deny a request for access within an email in a single click. Users can identify the location of each result item as well as quickly access them.



In addition to these new features, the CardioLog team also hosted a webinar with SharePoint MVP Vlad Catrinescu on “New Features in SharePoint 2016”. To access the webinar and learn more about what’s available in SharePoint 2016, click here.