Top 5 Reasons SaaS SharePoint Analytics Make Sense for SMBs

It’s no surprise to any organization that SharePoint and it’s numerous add-ons can be pricey. The cost of implementation of servers, infrastructure, and maintenance is a factor that has kept SMBs out of the SharePoint game for some time. Yet now with the the establishment of SharePoint Online and many cloud-based solutions on the Microsoft market, Small to medium size businesses (SMBs) can join the ranks of large organizations, and start managing their businesses on a sophisticated digital platform.

It only makes sense that one SMBs have set themselves up up with SharePoint Online, that they will then go on to measure and track their SharePoint Online portal usage. And now, why not take it one step further with SaaS SharePoint analytics? Following the trend of the cloud migration, SMBs can choose SaaS SharePoint Analytics to compliment their SharePoint Online portals.

sharepoint saas

Here’s why CardioLog Analytics SaaS makes sense for your SMB SharePoint goals:

  1. Quick and Easy Set-up – get reports with minimal effort and no infrastructure maintenance required
  2. Continuously update and enhance – Automatic updates for new features
  3.  Designed Specifically for SharePoint – integrating with tree structure, content and user data
  4. Partnered with Power BI –  Power BI’s sophisticated visualizations of live and interactive CardioLog Analytics dashboards and reports, offers organizations the ability to gain valuable insights
  5.  Unlimited Scaling – supports large traffic volumes and can grow with your business
  6. Interactive Reports – investigate your data and get better insights
  7. High Performance – receive complex results in a matter of seconds
  8. Team Collaboration –  publish interactive reports to your team or entire organization
  9. Reports based on team goals and needs – provide every user with a personalized view of their business metrics
  10. Touch enabled native apps – Access all your data wherever you go