Cardiolog Analytics – SharePoint 2007 Reporting


CardioLog provides SharePoint statistics for numerous features in the following solution spaces: portal, search, enterprise content management (including documents), web content management, project management, and collaboration.

Analyze your SharePoint 2007 site content in a logical fashion

Get detailed usage reports for various SharePoint 2007 items, such as:

  • Sites and Site Collections – track page views, visitors, navigation, portal growth, portal search
  • Lists and Libraries – track selected lists and document libraries
  • Documents and List Items – track individual list items and documents
  • Blogs – track posts, bloggers, and readers
  • Wikis – track pages, writers, and readers
  • Publishing Sites – track site content, authors, visitors, publishing workflows, translation libraries
  • Personal Sites – track content, visitors and space owners
  • Document Centers – track document workflows, metadata and versioning
  • Record Centers – track records status, user actions, and workflows
  • Browser-based Office InfoPath 2007 Forms – track views, visitors, and actions

Get farm level SharePoint statistics

Get summary reports for all site collections and personal sites. Compare site usage and get item counts (number of list items, pages, documents, etc.) Drill down to any level in the site hierarchy in order to view detailed usage reports for selected items.

Monitor Business Processes

Understand the effectiveness of your business processes implementation by tracking, monitoring and reporting on:

  • Workflows
  • Publishing Scenarios and Variations
  • Records Management
  • Browser-based Office InfoPath 2007 Forms