Now you can see everything your potential customers are doing on your website, as if you’re in the same room. View their every click, track mouse movement and see your business through their eyes.


Intlock’s click tracking tools enable you to understand how visitors use your site, what they’re trying to achieve, and where they encounter hurdles – an insight that enables you to improve website usability. It’s also possible to define segments of potential customers, to help you quickly and easily discover what kind of visitors complete the process and what kind drop out. Ultimately, visitor recording with Intlock helps you optimize your business and maximize the return on your investment.

The entire click tracking process is invisible to your visitors, and has no perceptible impact on the performance or speed of your website.

  • View every mouse move and click of the keyboard
  • Analyze and view page playbacks and sessions
  • Observe conversion-funnel dropout videos
  • Organize recordings of visitor segments
  • Improve website usability

Simply by copying a tiny piece of JavaScript into your website, you’ll have the ability to follow every click that visitors make. You can get rich data from recording, watching and analyzing entire browsing sessions from all over the world, in which you can track mouse movement, study every keystroke and scroll, and conduct click tracking – helping you understand just how your website is being used. So long as there are visitors coming to your website, you can be continually recording, any time you want. From form submission and online checkouts to complex website navigation, when you track mouse movement, it’s possible to follow and optimize any process. It’s an affordable solution that allows you to conduct web-usability testing on any budget, with no specialized equipment or skills.

By getting real-time feedback from your visitors with Intlock’s click tracking tools, you’ll be able to see which content and layout on your website boosts your conversion rates, and where your customers are focusing before they decide to buy a product. When you track mouse movement, it’s also possible to see how many people drop out of the process, and where your visitors are encountering errors on your website, so that you can iron out any wrinkles and maximize website usability. And by optimizing your customers’ journey through your pages, and improving website usability, you’ll get a much larger return on your investment.

In addition, with Intlock’s click tracking tools it’s possible to view specific session recordings – for example, of visitors who have completed or dropped out of the business process. Any business process, scenario or goal funnel can be tracked. With click tracking, you’ll be able to learn which pages produce the highest conversion rates, and which are most often abandoned by visitors. When you track mouse movement of your potential customers to see where they convert, or at what point they leave the conversion process, you gain a valuable insight into how well your website is working, where your weak spots are and what to do about them.

Ordinary web analytics can only show you which pages of the funnel your visitors abandoned, but click tracking with Intlock also helps you find out why. It’s possible to segment your visitors and view only the videos that match a certain business scenario – eliminating the need to sift through hundreds of hours of visitor recordings.

Key Features

  • Mouse movement tracking
  • Click tracking
  • Page playbacks
  • Recording of conversion funnel dropouts
  • Visitor segmentation capabilities