Motivation Tools for Employees: Gamification and Engagement Ideas

Unhappy and dissatisfied employees can wreak havoc on a company’s productivity level. On the other hand, motivated employees go out of their way to deliver the best performance and exceed the employer’s expectations of them. Organizations must strive to boost employee motivation as it will benefit them in the end. Discover the best motivation tools[…]

Gamification for Motivation

Gamification Software – How to Engage Your Workforce

Gamification is the use of game principles and thinking in order to solve problems and engage individuals. This way of thinking has resulted in the increased popularity of gamification software. It has many applications in today’s society and that includes the workplace. In particular, business leaders have used the concept of gamification to boost employee[…]

Gamification Software: for engaging your employee workforce

Office 365 Adoption: How Gamification Can Help

Gamification is a powerful way to get employees more engaged, but how does it work? The psychology behind gamification explains how implementing one simple tool can increase project completion rates and employee enthusiasm at work. Through positive reinforcement and friendly competition, gamification excites and motivates users to repeat desired actions. If you’re searching for ways[…]

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Why Does Gamification Work Where Other Engagement Strategies Fail?

You’ve probably heard the term gamification thrown around recently, but you may be wondering how it works or why it’s important. Until now, businesses have spent massive sums of time and money on strategies to try to keep employees engaged, with very little success. Gamification presents a novel way to solve the challenge of motivating[…]

Why Most Companies are Failing to Engage Employees

Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of any business. Studies have repeatedly shown the important role engagement plays in driving productivity and profitability. Still, most businesses struggle to keep employees engaged at work. Most firms and executives are aware of the importance of employee engagement. A GloboForce report found that over a third of businesses[…]

SharePoint Gamification – Unlock Employee Engagement through Games

Finding new and fun ways to motivate your employees can sometimes be a challenge. Your staff might be disconnected from your intranet or struggling to adjust to a portal migration. This wreaks havoc on a company’s finances as disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450-550 billion every year. Finding ways to get your employees excited about[…]

SharePoint Gamification unlock employee engagement through games