Cloud Based Microsoft Power BI

Bringing your SharePoint Data to Life Cloud-Based Deployment

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Transform your SharePoint monitoring strategy with the seamless integration of Microsoft Power BI and CardioLog Analytics in one complete cloud-based deployment. Achieve simplicity with this powerful duo by allowing Power BI to collect all of your CardioLog data in one place, alongside all of your other enterprise data. With Power BI, there’s no need to search through various applications to reach your data- it’s all in one place, and all in the cloud.

The CardioLog Analytics SaaS Solution integrates smoothly with Power BI, to situate your organization within the comfort of the cloud. Empower your stake-holders and administrators, so they can access the most important SharePoint analytics reports from any device, whenever and wherever. They will be able to dive deep into their data, with simple drag and drop gestures. They can then take this data to the next level, by saving these stunning reports that reveal hidden stories about your SharePoint portal.

The developers of the CardioLog Analytics SaaS Solution understand the needs and challenges that enterprises face. Therefore, the SaaS solution has been uniquely tailored to fit the needs of enterprises, and integrate easily with Power BI. Gain a holistic view of all of your important enterprise information in one place, and bring it all together to create personalized SharePoint analytics dashboards in seconds. Enhance your ability to make data-driven decisions with insightful SharePoint analytics metrics.

cloud based power bi interface


Key Advantages of Power BI-CardioLog Analytics for the Cloud:

  • Reliability- around-the-clock-access
  • Ease of scalability- scale up or down on SharePoint resources with ease
  • Quick set-up time
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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