CardioLog Analytics and Microsoft Power BI

Bringing your SharePoint Data to Life for Hybrid Deployment

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CardioLog Analytics provides unified functionality and access to On-Premises based SharePoint analytics data through a cloud-based Power BI solution, to make your organization’s reporting initiatives as flexible as possible for power users and administrators.

A hybrid deployment between CardioLog Analytics and Power BI enables trusted communications between both solutions. Once you have established this trust network, you can easily access secure CardioLog data on the Power BI cloud.

The team of developers at Intlock understand that your organization may be considering hybrid integrated solutions, as both security of data, as well as ease of access are both high priorities. Therefore, CardioLog is flawlessly integrated with your business goals in mind. With a simple configuration, your organization can begin monitoring the various reporting activities occurring within CardioLog Analytics while situating you on a nice, comfy cloud.

Complete your reporting initiatives with Power BI, and rest assured that your SharePoint analytics data is secured within the confines of an On-Premises network. Ultimately, you’ll have a holistic view of your reporting data through the lens of Power BI, an aesthetically pleasing and flexible solution for all of your reporting needs.


hybrid power bi


Key advantages:

  • Enhanced agility
  • Control of data, but also ease of access with the cloud
  • On-demand scalability
  • Compliance and security
power bi hybrid