CardioLog Analytics Click-Map


CardioLog Analytics’ new Click Map feature allows you to visually measure traffic, conversion, and success metrics within the pages of your SharePoint portal. The Click Map feature shows how individuals click on links within individual pages. These metrics are overlaid on top of the page’s links to answer critical questions, including:

  • Which links are most valuable to users as they navigate through the portal?
  • Which links are least relevant to visitors, or aren’t being accessed at all?
  • Which locations on the page are bringing the most traffic?

Why implement CardioLog Analytics’ Click Map?

By taking advantage of the Click Map feature, you can track user activity in order to improve the design of your SharePoint page and gain a greater understanding of your users’ portal experiences and navigation paths. By seeing exactly what your users are focusing on, you can zero in on which elements of the page are successful, and which elements are not. CardioLog’s Click Map allows you to discover the obstacles that exist within your site’s conversion funnel, so you can then determine which links and images aren’t getting enough clicks, and which call to action buttons are being ignored.