Top 4 Reasons Governments Need Advanced SharePoint Analytics

What do many government entities across the globe, including Federal/Central agencies, State, and International organizations all have in common? An opportunity to all benefit from intelligent reporting from advanced analytics solutions. Many of these organizations have already begun deploying advanced analytics solutions to increase collaboration and productivity in their SharePoint and Office 365 portals.

Government agencies are under increasing pressure across the board to improve their IT and communications methods and hardware. By streamlining documents, processes, information, communication and much more in their portals, they can reach high levels of productivity, all in an effort to increase transparency and better server the public.

Here’s a list of the 4 Reasons why Governments should get on board with advanced analytics now.

  • Control – an On – Premises advanced analytics solution gives organizations the ability to have complete control over their data. All of the data can be stored in one place within the safety and security of that oraganization.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Many governmental organizations need to constantly submit regulatory files and provide reports on activity. Governments can easily use analytics to compile these reports to show that portal growth is occuring, adoption is increasing, and overall ROI is being achieved.
  • Compliance – ¬†On – Prem Advanced Analytics solutions can provide high level security and consistency. Governments can be assured that by choosing on-prem solutions, their sensitive data will be protected.
  • Choice – Government agencies¬†need Advanced Analytics because OOTB SharePoint analytics simply doesn’t provide the array of choices available in an advanced solution. Agencies should look for solutions that integrate easily with SharePoint and Office 365, as well as the option for out of the box support, customized APIs for other applications, customizations, CRMS, and workflow platforms like Nintex.