3 Reasons We’re Excited for SPTechCon Boston

At the end of this month, the Intlock team will be gathering in the scenic city of Boston to attend one of this year’s largest conferences dedicated to SharePoint, SpTechCon Boston 2015. Our team has had the pleasure of attending the conference over the past few years, in both Boston and Austin.

We have always had a great time at these events, so these reasons we’ve decided to make a list for why we’re excited for this August’s event! With over 80 different courses available, and 40+ speakers, it’s hard not to be excited for an event that is solely dedicated to all things SharePoint.

Reason #1: SPTechCon is a Conference SOLELY dedicated to SharePoint!

The great thing about SPTechCon is that it’s 100% dedicated to SharePoint and all things surrounding SharePoint. How brilliant considering here at Intlock, our tool CardioLog Analytics is the only on-prem reporting solution for Sharepoint and Social. We have developed our tool specifically with SharePoint in mind.

Reason #2 Expert SharePoint and Office 365 Speakers!

Every SPTechCon always has superb speakers. At this years SpTechCon, there will be over 40 speakers presenting at the various classes, as well as 2 highly anticipated keynote speakers. You won’t want to miss a chance to hear these two keynote speakers:

  • Robert Bogue will speak on the “SharePoint Mosaic”, a phrase he uses to describe the set of tiles Microsoft has set out for us to work with. This includes: SharePoint, Office 365, Delve, Viva Engage (Yammer), OneDrive, and more.
  • Mark Kashman who will speak on “SharePoint at the Core of Reinventing Productivity”. This keynote will cover all the new innovations across SharePoint and Office 365- setting the context that spans cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and everything in between- plus provides insights into what the future will bring.

Reason #3 Boston- Bean Town and the Boston Red Sox

It’s safe to say that Boston is one of the most interesting cities in the Northeast. Beside it being our company’s home-base, it’s also the home to the Boston Red Sox, Harvard, Fenway Park, and Benjamin Franklin. However, we also like to think of Boston an exiting technology hub in the Northeast.

Overall, SpTechCon is a great way to connect, talk, and learn from others in the SharePoint community. What are you looking most forward to at the SharePoint Community Conference? Tweet us at @Cardiolog and let us know. See you there!